Find a Cofounder in San Francisco

Find a Cofounder in San Francisco

San Francisco is arguably the most well-known city for building a startup but how do you find a cofounder there? In this post, we bring you some tips on finding that cofounder in San Francisco. Here we go:

Before looking for a cofounder start building your audience.

Getting traction is one of the keys in terms of finding cofounders. Traction brings motivation and energy to your startup. Check out the previous article written on validating your startup idea in less than 24 hours. The key is to start building your audience before you build the product.

Have a clear description about the role.

What are you looking for in a cofounder? Is it technical or none-technical? If so what set of competencies are you looking for. Write down the skill sets and the scope of the role in a job description!

Tap into our Online Events.

We host monthly startup networking and co-founders chat. Check it out here. 

Go to Y Combinator events.

Y combinator hosts number of great events including Female Founders Conference and more. Your future cofounder might just be hangout out there. This is how BioRender founder met her cofounder. It was at Y Combinator Female Conference. 

Get connected via Facebook Group

Facebook groups are great a way to connect online and meet potential team members. We have a localized and general global community. Join in both and post your startup or project.

Join San Francisco Startups via Facebook Group

This group is dedicated for local startups in San Francisco. Check it out here.

Post your project on our community

Have solid description and post away!

Fire up your social media. 

Fire up your social medial by sharing valuable content or generating your own post. Building those online relationships take time and effort.

How did you meet your cofounder? Let me know below!

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