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What Our Members Say

  • Gillian
    Foundersbeta is a fantastic community that helps provide resources for individuals looking to create their own startup. From my experience, I got to meet new people, talk about common goals and learn from those who have worked in the startup environment.
    Gillian Wu
    Community Member
  • Jack
    “Foundersbeta is the first evaluation of new business ideas. Finding teammates, Pitching your idea, Convincing others - Foundersbeta is a great preparation for the startup world.”
    Jack Lau
    Startup Founder
  • Andy
    The team at FoundersBeta are passionate about building and growing the startup community. FoundersBeta makes it easier for both budding and seasoned founders to learn about news, events, and resources out there and help them navigate the confusing journey of creating a venture.
    Andy Lee
  • Kendra
    If you want input on your marketing plan, thoughts on your new website design, or even help finding a technical co-founder, FoundersBeta has a diverse membership all ready to pitch in. They're the absolute best of entrepreneurship culture: ambitious and innovative, but also kind, passionate, and supportive.
    Kendra Ross
    VP Marketing

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