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Index Exchange team in Toronto

Top 100

We are beyond thrilled to announce the annual Top 100 Companies to Watch in 2024. This coverage brings the spotlight on some of the fastest growing companies, scale ups, and tech.

Top 100 companies

Mark Bania
CEO at Contractor Compliance

Top Female Founders List Kaylee Astle

Kaylee Astle
Founder and CEO of Blanka

FoundersBeta Top 100 SingleKey

From the left
Viler Lika Founder & CEO of SingleKey with the team

Top 100 Companies Mappedin

Mappedin Team

Top 100 Companies List Badal


Badal is a boutique consulting firm specializing in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services. It is one of the largest and fastest growing firms in Canada. They work with some of the most prestigious clients in the financial, retail, and telecom industries. Badal’s team of experts is dedicated to helping the clients succeed by providing world-class solutions for cloud migration, data strategy, data governance, analytics, machine learning, and more.


With ZayZoon, payday finally comes with the push of a button. Offered as a benefit through employers, employees can use ZayZoon to get paid whenever, however. 

Top 100 Companies ZayZoon
Top 100 Bidmii Team


Bidmii is a cutting-edge proptech platform transforming the way homeowners connect with contractors for home improvement projects. It offers a unique, automated marketplace where homeowners can describe their project needs, allowing contractors to bid competitively. Ensuring financial security and transparency, Bidmii holds funds in trust, releasing them upon project completion.


Wagepoint is a Canadian fintech company on a mission to simplify payroll – and maybe even dare to make it delightful! The payroll software was created just for small businesses, automating the most “ugh” parts of the process (like calculating wages and reporting on taxes), so that you can get back to doing literally anything else.

Top 100 Companies List Wagepoint
Top 100 Companies List Islands


Islands is a Fractional CTO and Technology partner, specializing in AI and B2B SaaS. It also has a venture studio called Island X, building and commercializing innovative solutions that’ll win in the market.


Fortay is the world’s first inclusion-centered, Employee Experience platform that helps business leaders build diverse, healthy, high-performance cultures for business success.

Top 100 Companies Fortay
Top 100 Boast


Boast is democratizing access to billions of dollars in innovation funding so companies can fuel their growth while preserving equity and avoiding red tape. With operations across Canada and the US, more than 1,500 innovative companies have leveraged Boast to get more money ($400M+) faster with less time and risk.

Top 100 Companies 2024

Badal Top 100
Contractor Compliance Top 100
Top 100 Companies List Whistle Technologies
FoundersBeta Top 100 Bidmii
Chocolate Soup Top 100
Top 100 Companies Islands
Top 100 Zayzoon
FoundersBeta Top 100 Mappedin
Top 100 Cruxocm
FoundersBeta Top 100 Part3
FoundersBeta Top 100 Railz
FoundersBeta Top 100 Companies Synctera
FoundersBeta Top 100 Surex
FoundersBeta Top 100 Blanka
FoundersBeta Top 100 HiredHippo
Top 100 Summit EHSQ
Top 100 FutureVault
Top 100 Equivesto
Top 100 MedMe Health
Top 100 wisedocs
Top 100 Companies List Shinydocs
Top 100 Companies Vetster
Top 100 Companies Karla Rewards
FoundersBeta Top 100 Truly Financial
Top 100 Fortay
Top 100 Companies List Tenure
Top 100 Vambora
Top 100 MatchDay Health
Top 100 OFX
Top 100 Yield Exchange
Top 100 HUEX Labs
Top 100 Niura
Top 100 Konvi
Top 100 RealSage
Top 100 Top 100 List wrksourcing
Top 100 Starling
Top 100 SingleKey
Top 100 Venu
Top 100 Biiibo
Top 100 Instarails
Top 100 Uwrapit
Top 100 Pacto Medical
Top 100 System-3
Top 100 Companies 409 ai
top 100 Discrepancy AI
Top 100 Motiv Digital
Top 100 Contentbot
Top 100 Toast
Top 100 VanHack
Top 100 ARKI
Top 100 Salubrum
Top 100 MavenMind
Top 100 Quantigo AI
Top 100 Companies List MoxyPatch
Top 100 Nu Benefits
Top 100 Cansulta
Top 100 Companies Souqh
FoundersBeta Top 100 Agilicus
Top 100 Deeded
FoundersBeta Top 100 Perch
Top 100 Companies Scale without borders
Top 100 List SimpliCity
Top 100 Fuse Financial
Top 100 List Boast
Top 100 PR Monkey
Top 100 Simply Eloped
Top 100 PERA
Top 100 Focus Image Pro Logo
Top 100 ScaleHR
Top 100 WNORTH
Top 100 Devanow
Top 100 creatorclub
Top 100 Hula
Top 100 TeamCarts
Top 100 NotePal
Top 100 Aceosocial
Top 100 Pocketed
Top 100 NeuraVue
Top 100 Javelin
Top 100 Joypad Design
Top 100 DECAP
Top 100 Boreal Information Systems
Top 100 TechEmpower
Top 100 Peple
Top 100 Clinify
Top 100 Cove Neurosciences
Top 100 List Pathcore
Top 100 Akran Marketing
Top 100 Kakushin
Top 100 MangoVisa
Top 100 Linkus Group
Top 100 Prelo
Top 100 Litespace
Top 100 List SnoozUp
Top 100 KB consulting
Top 100 Pivot + Edge
Top 100 Savant
Top 100 List SeekUp
Top 100 Tenomix List

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