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  • Ground News Pro: World’s First News Source Comparison Platform
    Thrilled to announce the recent launch Ground News Pro. See how media from across the political spectrum and around the world cover the same news and discover the truth for yourself. The world’s first News Source Comparison platform for anyone tired of biased news, misinformation, and clickbait. We show the same news story as covered […]
  • Technical Co-Founder CTO Fintech Startup
    We are in the process of looking for a technical co-founder or CTO that will help us build the platform for our fintech startup.  The person should be ideally a full-stack developer, with solid and proven experience implementing customer-facing platforms, and well-versed in API integrations.  We are looking to grant up to 30% sweat equity […]
  • Technical Co-founder for Legal Tech Female-led Startup
    Joint App is a tech start-up within the legal tech industry. We are digitizing immigration for international students. We have a product launched on Google Play and privately testing with paying clients. We have won the Philantropitch competition and have been featured on Mississauga News. We were also one of the top 24 female-led tech […]
  • Technical Cofounder for Education AI based Matching Platform
    Rethesis is a recently founded AI based service that matches potential grad students to Professors. Looking for a technical cofounder to lead the development of several other features. Happy to go in detail on the company in a future meeting. This individual must have fullstack developing skills and experience but is also passionate about edtech […]
  • List of Startup Projects
    Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our Online Startup Event and Co-founder networking. Here are the list of startup projects and shoutouts. Please connect directly with the founders on these projects if it interests you: Here are the List of Projects: 1. I’m building an eco products distribution company, looking for a co-founder […]

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