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  • COVID-19 Complete Benefits Guide Canada
    The government of Canada has announced some benefits regarding COVID-19. Jennifer Robson who is a professor at Carlton University has created a Complete guide to understanding government benefits and aid for COVID-19. It summarizes all the benefits, and qualifications. It covers all the scenarios such as: I’m self-employed. What benefits can I get? I’m a […]
  • Global Online Hackathon
    Calling all innovators to join our #BuildforCOVID19 GLOBAL HACKATHON with WHO, Microsoft, Facebook, Slack, Pinterest, WeChat, AWS, TikTok, Twitter and many more! Closing Monday, March 30 – soliciting project submissions now from around the world at Projects can address all kinds of urgent needs, including: -> Health -> Vulnerable Populations -> Businesses -> Community -> […]
  • COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference
    Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI is hosting an online COVID-19 + AI conference that will be fully live-streamed between 9am- 2pm PT on April 1.  COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference will address a developing public health crisis. Sponsored by the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), the event will convene experts from Stanford and beyond […]
  • HackTheCurve Tech Challenge
    The DMZ is excited to announce #HackTheCurve: A national tech challenge by Canadians, for the world. Are you able to create a digital solution that aims to help combat issues related to the COVID-19 crisis? Let’s CTRL-ALT-DLT this virus! Apply to win 10K in cash prizes, valuable workshops, and a chance to save the world. Head […]
  • Lo Family Social Venture Fund
    Lo Family Social Venture Fund The Lo Family Social Venture Fund helps U of T students and recent graduates take solutions-based social enterprises to the next level, providing support for student-driven ventures that will positively impact the global community – particularly in Asia. Undergraduate awards are up to $15,000 and graduate awards are up to $30,000. […]
  • The Digital Introverts podcast is now live!
    I’m ecstatic to announce that the Digital Introverts podcast is now live! The Digital Introverts podcast is a show where introverts share their success and failure stories and discuss how they thrive in the digital age. My guests and I chat about introversion as it relates to technology, culture, the future of work, mental health, […]
  • The Corona Virus Hackathon Online 
    This is an online hackathon to solve what happens after the #Coronavirus The economy will not be the same. Let us reinvent it! Everyone is wanted: teachers, ballet dancers, actors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, influencers, developers, economists, innovators, students, designers, scientists, doctors, manufacturers, consultants, campaigners, investors, brand managers, adventurers, young people… Check out the details here  […]
  • Covid-19 Challenge Online Johns Hopkins
    Johns Hopkins Centre for Bioengineering Innovation & Design is inviting teams from around the world to apply to compete in a five-day entirely online design challenge. They are looking to develop innovative solutions to the problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Apply to the challenge here. The post Covid-19 Challenge Online Johns Hopkins appeared first on […]
  • Looking to Match Up with a Co-founder
    Hi, I’m Peter looking for a potential co-founder opportunity with an existing startup entrepreneur who has a fascinating product or service they want to bring to the market. I can offer insights with sales, marketing, recruiting, and business operations. I don’t have a Tech background however i’m not afraid to put in the ‘hard yards’ […]
  • NEW from Forbes – Forbes8 Live Summit – Business Resiliency
    In light of the massive event and conference cancellations and postponements due to coronavirus, the team at Forbes8 have moved quickly to create and launch a FREE digital summit to support businesses needs right now. Many entrepreneurs have relied on events such as SxSw and Adobe Summit for the latest learnings from their favorite speakers […]

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