Top WordPress Hosting for Growing Websites 2024

Top WordPress Hosting

Planning to launch a new website in the new year? You got this! If you’re planning to launch a new site, there’s no doubt that you should try to build it with WordPress. WordPress is incredibly versatile and it is the most growing Content Management System on the internet. It is also very SEO friendly as you can get your web site optimized with some plugins. The best thing about having a Content Management System is that you don’t need to have technical skills to go and update a copy on the site. You don’t need to go the backend. It’s a thing of beauty and saves you lots of time.

Before we explore WordPress hosting solution, you should know the different types of hosting that will help you find the most suitable one. There are several types of WordPress Hosting you should know before you start your hunt for the best WordPress hosting:

  • Shared hosting – This is ideal for a brand new website as there won’t be much traffic. Many websites start with this and move up. Shared hosting is sharing resources with other websites in the same server.
  • Managed hosting – This is for website that are growing. It’s more expensive than other options as you have your own resources to host your website.
  • Cloud hosting – this is another great option for growing websites.
  • VPS hosting – This is more technical as you have to configure your server settings and optimize it.

As we know it, 99% of WordPress issues has to do with hosting. When you find the best hosting, you can focus on growing your customers as supposed to dealing with technical issues.

In this post, we bring you the top WordPress Hosting solutions:

1. Kinsta 

Kinsta is a premium WordPress hosting with a 24/7 support. Kinsta’s features are truly unmatched as you can set-up staging and backups with one click. If you have a growing website traffic, you don’t have to worry about a thing as the servers can scale. Kinsta is ideal for websites that are growing as this is not the most affordable solution out there.

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2. Hostinger 

Hostinger is one of the most reliable hosting out there for WordPress. It is incredibly consistent as there will be hardly any down times. Hostinger offers the traditional WordPress Hosting plans which includes shared, VPS, and cloud.

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3. Rocket 

Rocket is one of the newer WordPress managed hosting with modern infrastructure. Rocket is also a good choice for websites that are scaling in traffic.

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4. BigScoots

BigScoots is a very customer-centric hosting as you can actually talk a human. This is very refreshing in the age of chat-bot. Bigscoot offers both managed and shared hosting.

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5. GreenGeeks

If you’re just starting out your website you won’t have much traffic, then going with more affordable options can make sense. GreenGeeks offer environmentally friendly hosting WordPress.

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6. Flywheel 

Flywheel is a Managed WordPress Hosting for Designers and Agencies.

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7. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a great starting point for hosting a WordPress site. It’s reliable and the speed is fast.

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8. SiteGround

Siteground is a managed WordPress hosting with top-rated 24/7 support. Siteground also offers affordable plans for starting websites.

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9. Pressable 

Pressable is a WordPress hosting company based out of San Antonio. It was founded in 2010. Pressable offers managed wordpreess hosting for growing websites, agencies, and small businesses.

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Are you using WordPress to build your website in 2024? Let us know!

1 Kinsta
2 Hostinger
3 Rocket
4 BigScoots
5 GreenGeeks
6 Flywheel
7 A2 Hosting
8 SiteGround
9 Pressable
10 Cloudways
12 SetraHost
13 Skystra Cloud
14 Pantheon
15 HostGator
16 InMotion Hosting
17 TMD Hosting
18 Liquid Web
19 Nexcess
20 Plesk
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