Best Startup Newsletters Wagepoint

Mel Ly is the writer behind the Wagepoint Newsletter.

There’s nothing like getting a great startup newsletter in your mailbox that brings you the best insights. We absolutely love them here at FoundersBeta and we have our own here but we also take a lot of inspiration from others as well. These newsletters can keep you in the loop and bring you new opportunities.

For this coverage, we would like to bring the spotlight behind some of creators that cover the best content on marketing, tech, venture capital, and the creator economy. Here’s our list of best startup newsletters:

1. ThinkSmark by Amber Payden

Startup Newsletter Feature ThinkSmark

ThinkSmark sends out a small business weekly content for entrepreneurs and small business owners that list events, funding, and other opportunities. This one is curated by Amber Payden who is the founder and CEO of ThinkSmark. We think you will love this one as Amber is always sharing wisdoms for founders.

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2. The Wagepoint Newsletter by Mel Ly

Best Startup Newsletters Wagepoint

Wagepoint has a monthly newsletter written by Mel Ly. It covers tips and insights for startups and small businesses in payroll, taxes, hiring, and much more. As you start a company and start to hire, payroll should be the first thing that you want to get right. While there’s a sea of information out there about it, we particularly love this one as Mel simplifies everything.

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3. Intribe by Sven Radavics

Startup Newsletter Intribe Sven Radavics

Spending money ads for startups can be deadly. Many VC-backed startups spend tons of money on ads without getting any results. There’s very little return and often times it’s hard to get the math right but there is an alternative. Intribe newsletter by Sven Radavics covers tips and tactics on growing your startup using partnerships. You can connect with brands that are complimentary to what you do and grow together. Check it out here.

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4. The Next Gen-Leader by Nikhil Vimal

Do you love trying out new products? Is Web3 something special? If you’re ready to discuss some trends behind the emerging technologies this newsletter is for you. This newsletter by Nikhil Vimal focuses on content and inspiration for leaders in technology and innovation. Nikhil has spent years in product management to help startups to build products that users love. This one is send out monthly and the first edition is out.

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5. The Information Creator Economy by Kaya Yurieff

Best Startup Newsletters Kaya Yurieff

Kaya Yurieff is the writer behind The Information Newsletter on creator economy. She joined The Information in 2021 to launch the creator economy newsletter and cover the rapidly growing sector. Previously, she wrote about technology and social media platforms at CNN. She started her journalism career writing breaking news at TheStreet. She frequently shares the stories on her Twitter as well.

6. Mike MacCombie’s Weekly

Best Startup Newsletter Mike MacCombie

Mike MacCombie is a pre-seed investor, community builder, and goes by “behavior science geek”. You can probably ask him about that on Twitter. He curates the best of Tech Twitter each week along with some great content for both founders and investors via his newsletter.

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7. Truly Financial Newsletter 

Best Startup Newsletter Truly Financial

Aparna Allam is the writer behind Truly Financial. This newsletters covers in-depth topics such as incorporating a company in USA as a non-citizen, building credit as a business and much more. She also share these on her Twitter as well.

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8. Vitalize Newsletter by Justin Gordon

Tech Newsletter

Vitalize content focuses on tips and tactics for founders to build the best companies. Justin Gordon covers some of the best content from various sources including Twitter to keep founders in the loop. You will definitely like this one. Check it out here.

Do you have any content recommendation for founders and tech entrepreneurs? Let us know as we’re always featuring the great creators behind them.

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