Startup Coach

Startup Coach

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What is a Startup Coach?

Working on a startup idea and looking for feedback? Not sure where to start? Looking into break in tech? Our Startup Coaches have a diverse background in web app development, business, science, and marketing.

How does it work?

Simply request to book a session based your needs. The sessions are one-on-one and can take place via phone, google hangouts video chat, or in-person coffee. We would be delighted to chat on following topics: 
Finding a Cofounder and Building a Team
Breaking into Tech
Job Search Coaching
Startup Idea feedback
Marketing & SEO coaching
Building an MVP
Hiring and culture
And much more!

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What are the benefits of a Startup Coach?

Rather spending hours searching for answers you have a startup coach available on demand to chat, get advice, and build a successful startup.

Get on-demand Startup Advice. A startup coach is right at your fingertips anytime anywhere.

Get the right introductions. A startup coach can open new doors and opportunities to the right people and connections.

Accelerate your Startup. Instead of treading water and not getting traction get actionable insights to move faster.

What are the prices?

The hourly rate for our coaches for the above packages are $50 US. Since this is a service our sessions are non-refundable. 

Chat with a Startup Coach today!

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