Announcing the Startup Fundraising Initiative

We are pleased to announce our new fundraising feature on FoundersBeta. Startups can now request to have a fundraising campaign to connect with investors. Despite all technological development and programs, access to capital still remains to be one the biggest challenge startups face. Our goal with this initiative is to bring more opportunities for startups to connect with potential investors and venture capital. The first company that is currently raising is Euphoria.

“Euphoria leverages technology to improve conditions for the LGBT community: in particular, it aims to restore agency and dignity for transgender individuals going through transition. The first app, Solace, is the largest mHealth platform for the transgender community in the world, and has been featured by Forbes, Vice, Autostraddle, and multiple medical journals. Euphoria is currently developing their second flagship app, Bliss, the first neobank for the transgender community. Euphoria’s mission is to transform the phrase “It gets better” into “How it gets better.”

Check out the details along with the pitch deck for Euphoria here. If you’re interested get in touch directly.

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