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Startup Fundraising: Aggregate Intellect

The amount of technical knowledge we have to keep up with is growing exponentially. Imagine the last time you did a Google search to figure out how to do a complex task: architecting some software you’re building, selecting the right insurance policy for your business, or getting your first home mortgage. Did you scroll through many useless ads? Did you sift through articles that only appeared because corporations had money to throw at search engine optimization (SEO)? Did you have to append “reddit” or “YouTube” to your search and end up in rabbit holes of information that you are not so certain about?

Aggregate Intellect is building a platform that provides a central view all of the relevant info you collect, self-organized by AI, and validated by experts/peer communities.

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Maryam Farooq
Co-founder & COO
Amir Feizpour
Co-founder & CEO

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