The New Hustle: Startup Lessons from Australian Founders

The New Hustle is a documentary that covers three of Australia’s fastest growing startups – Canva, SafetyCulture and Vinomofo. This is as they scale from garage offices to millions of users and worldwide impact. This movie covers the journeys of the founders, struggles, and the real stories behind starting a business. You can watch the whole movie in the link at the end of the post. Here are some startup lessons to be learned:

1. Startups are incredibly brutal.

No one ever said yeah…starting a business is super easy. In fact, it’s the most brutal and hardest thing to ever accomplish. They say startups are like climbing the mount everest it’s never linear. There are days you have to take the back seat and there are days you just have to push through.

2. Persistency is such a key.

When it comes to starting a startup most people don’t have the persistency and the drive to continue because it’s so damn hard to start a startup.

3. When you start a business be prepared to fail. 

Failure is part of the innovation game. Keep failing till you get it right. History belong to the doers not talkers.

4. You will get rejected constantly.

Rejection is the middle name of entrepreneurship game. If you’re not ready to deal with rejections then pack the bags and go home.

5. It’s not just validation you have to get right.

Validation is only part of it. You also need a team that can execute.

6. If you have 60 or 70 people using your app, there’s nothing happening. 

This one is mentioned by founder of SafetyCulture. You just can’t do it with few users. Go back to drawing board to get the product right.

7. Building offshore doesn’t allow you to iterate quickly.

This is big debatable topic. How exactly do you build your app? It seems that building it offshore comes with some big disadvantages as you need to quickly reiterate.

8. You are going to hit brick walls.

It’s expected but prepared to break that wall and push through it.

9. You will get that feeling when everything you can think of is not working.

There’s some big downs in building a startup and there will be time when nothings.

10. Have unwavering belief in yourself.

You need to believe in yourself and your idea but also be self-aware to see what’s not working and change it.

11. You start with one or two people in the garage and you are everything.

That is the real story of startups. You have to start from somewhere.

12. Small team of people can change the world.

You can truly change the world with your startup.

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