Top Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stay Motivated

Entrepreneurs Motivation

There are days where you just want to quit, but if you get tired don’t quit learn to rest. Motivation and keeping up your energy long-term is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face. As an entrepreneur your first job is not to die. When they say it’s a marathon, not a sprint it really is true. Here are the best ways for entrepreneurs to boost up the motivation:

1. Talk with another founder

This is arguably the best thing you can do for your health. Talking with someone who is the same boat as you greatly helps. Chances are they experience the same issues and going through same. Also I’m a firm believer that the best advice comes from another founder. Your typical corporate startup advisor at an incubator just doesn’t get it!

2. Do your favourite activity

Firstly know what your favourite activity might be! As an example, for me tennis is the activity. It is the vehicle to achieve excellence. If you ever played tennis, if you notice even if there’s an explosion nearby you won’t hear it. It gives you a to get a way from everyday life.

3. Go for a hike

There are so many gem spots for hiking! Talk with your nature friend or hunt it down on instagram. Nature itself has a therapeutic effect that you won’t get anywhere else.

4. Change your work station

This is a very simple idea but effective. Get out of your normal work station and work somewhere else. We used to go coffee shops but since that is not an option you have to get creative.

5. Work on a completely different problem (i.e. Side project)

Do you have a passion for something? Turn into a side project and work on it. This can be a completely different problem in a different industry. Often times, this can be a venue for you to meet new people.

6. Meet someone new 

Networking is BS. You need actual authentic relationships that can help you grow. For founders it’s so important to develop your army of supporters and cheer leaders. How do you meet someone new? This can be done in various ways such as startup community, going to an online meetup, local clubs, social, or even Twitter.

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