Entrepreneur Movie: Korean Drama Start-up

Entrepreneur Movie Korean Drama Startup

There’s a new Korean drama on Netflix called Start-up. At first, when you look into the trailer seems like a cheesy one, but it’s far from the truth. This is one of the best movies for entrepreneurs, we have seen. It truly depicts the realities of a staring a startup but the best part is the romance between the characters. The main character is Seo Dal-Mi who is interested in starting a startup comes across the path of Nam Do-San.

He is the founder of Samsan Tech. It’s an AI startup that is building an image recognition software but in the beginning the company is not doing. Without giving the whole plot away Nam Do-San becomes Seo Dal-Mi’s boyfriend. A co-founder and a boyfriend potential? You bet! At first this seems like a bad idea at first, but it actually workout brilliantly for the couple. Here are the 10 brilliant lesson on entrepreneurship and startups from this Korean drama:

1. Sailing without a map.

Are startups truly like this? Would definitely feels this way especially in the beginning. You live for the thrill of the moment. You notice this with the characters as they got bored at well-paying jobs to pursue a startup!

2. Seeing the future is the key.

In one the scenes we seen the father that quits his job to pursue an idea. But his logic is something note worthy. He said he didn’t quit because he got punched at work or his work culture was abusive, he quit because he the future.

3. Going on a swing with sands underneath your feet so you don’t injure yourself.

This is a brilliant metaphor. We learn in the story that there’s a startup incubator called SandBox. The story behind is that when one of the girls in the movie was swinging on a swing with his dad, she asks if she can have sands underneath a her feet so she doesn’t crash and injure herself. We all need that sanbox to start a startup. This sandbox can be your support network, your family, or other friends.

4. Co-founder and romantic partner is the ultimate match.

We saw in the movies that the couple can make it work! It’s becoming more and more common trends in startups. Is it a secrete sauce? It can be when the couple can be a good match for each other. Couple co-founder teams can be incredibly efficient.

5. Keeping the mind busy.

Entrepreneurship ran in the family of the main character but at some point her grandmother gets sick but they try to keep her busy by opening a new store for her. This kept her busy so her health does not deteriorate. This tactic just worked.

6. Money can get you so far in a relationship.

Ditching true love for money can be detrimental. You see this in the movie when the mother of main character divorces and goes for the rich husband. This was all game and fun till she lost it all.

7. Startups are incredibly hard but that’s the thrill.

You have to live for the thrill to make it a success. Lots of downs and lots of ups as well. You have to execute fast and roll with the punches.

8. Step up your game constantly.

Stepping up is a simple concept. It means do a little more. Push a little more. In winning the game of startups you have to constantly evolve your brand and game over time. If you’re doing the same thing over and over again chance it may become obsolete.

9. Startups can do a big damage in the market.

Sounds ridiculous but it’s true. One tiny startup can do a lot of damage in the market by wining much shares. In the movie, we see the startup Samsan tech does it. It’s really that garage story we hear!

10. Use competitions to fuel yourself.

In the movie, we saw that many teams are competing and this brings out the best. It just pushes you that much more to win! Use this fuel your idea as motivation dies out over time.

11. A team that sticks with you regardless of the outcome.

it’s about the team behind you. No startup is an island. You need to build your team of supporters and friends who deeply care about your success and do everything in your power to keep them.

This Korean drama series really brought out the best plot for building a startup, romance, and interesting character. A whopping 10/10 is our rating for it.

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