Being an entrepreneur certainly comes with lots of thrill but also ups and downs. Most of the times things don’t go according to the plan but you have to roll with the punches. It’s only through moving you can make progress. Let’s take a look at some of the lighter side of things. We count down the most hilarious memes for entrepreneurs.

1. Started a Business vs. Getting a Job 

Entrepreneur Meme

Chances are you have been there. You update that Linkedin your new job titles and congrats come in but you start your own business nobody even comments! Even that one comment is a total spam.

2. New Idea vs Old Finished Project 

Entrepreneur Meme New Idea

That’s right you know what we’re talking about! You have plenty of unfinished projects but the new idea is just looking great and you can’t keep your eyes from it. Everyone struggles with this. This is the story of our lives.

3. Pitch Deck Promises Vs. Reality

Entrepreneur Meme Elon Musk

Remember that time Elon Musk did the new demo of the car window and things went horribly wrong? Well…this one really describes the states of having a pitch deck vs reality.

4. Full Stack vs. Full StackOverFlow 

The first hire is usually like this. It will either come as a full-stack developer and launching it out the galaxy or will disappear all together. We hope you will hit the first one but won’t be surprised if things go horribly wrong with the hire. We have been there and see in it all.

5. Actually Building a Business Vs. VC Fundraising 

VC Fundraising Meme

This one is so accurate. Many startups can get distracted by fundraising. They spend more hours on fundraising as supposed to finding customer. Let’s focus on finding those paying customers.

6. Getting into Y Combinator 

Y Combinator Meme

This is really what it feels like to score an interview with Y combinator. Battle after battle you try and try again! You will do whatever it takes and then comes all sorts of rejections or potentially accepted. Just roll in with the punches.

7. Client Budget vs Expectations 

Freelance Meme

This one is so relatable! Often times clients want the best but budget is not there at all. There’s a big gap there between expectations and reality.

8. Minimum Viable Product 

Entrepreneur MVP

This one is hilarious! It’s all about the Minimal Viable Product but there’s no MVP in the beginning and you have to show some mock up or something to show!

9. Spending money ads

Entrepreneur Meme Ads

She wants cashflow but he wants to spend money on ads to get free trials with no paying customers.

10. Customer Service from the Bed 

Entrepreneur Meme Remote Work

This is one is more common now these days! As entrepreneurs you are constantly checking your email and chances are this is how customer service looks like.

11. Advancing Your Career During Pandemic

Entrepreneur Pandemic Meme

We live in a world of distractions and this one couldn’t be any more true!

12. Linkedin Sales Pitches Coming in

Startup Memes Linkedin

As entrepreneurs you also get bombarded with sales pitches on Linkedin and this one couldn’t be any more true. The problem with these sales pitches are that they are right off the bat after connecting with you.

13. Reading too much but not executing 

Entrepreneur Meme Execution

We can talk strategy all day about the startup but if you’re not executing it’s over.

14. Startups During Pandemic

Entrepreneur Meme Pandemic

We know this already. Startups are brutal to build but building it in pandemic is something else.

15. Building without an audience

Entrepreneur Memes Marketing

We know this common symptoms among startups. You keep on building but without actually marketing anything!

16. Chasing venture capital vs. finding paying customers

Memes for entrepreneurs VC

This one is so relatable as many startups try to raise funds without any traction or paying customers.

17. Learning from “Lean Startup Book” vs. Launching a Startup

Startup Meme Lean Startup

Actually launching a startup is radically different as you have throw everything out the window.

18. Launch Day at a Startup vs. First Year

Startup Meme Launch Day

It’s truly brutal out there for building a startup and we know it. No need to sugar coat it!

19. Startup Media is 99% on Fundraising

Startup Meme Media

Have you tried opening a news site on startups? It’s mostly fundraising, layoffs, and some random BS policy. There’s hardly any coverage for bootstrappers, which is why it’s exciting to see site like FoundersPress bringing a new fresh perspective to the news site.

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