Best 10 Hiking Spots in Toronto for Entrepreneurs

Best Hiking Spots in Toronto

Going for hiking has always been one of the best things you can do for your health. It will boosts up your energy and the motivation will go up. As an entrepreneur the biggest challenge to your startup is avoiding burnout, not competitions. This is why you have to play the game long-term to reach your goals. I would argue that most founders ignore the health till something goes wrong and then realize that it is something to work on continuously. We all have been there. It’s a lot easier to be proactively working on your health than it is to bounce back from a burnout. Bouncing back from a burnout or a slump is more challenging. As a founder you must be able to balance your health while running your startup. It is something you have to prioritize as burnout is always around corner for entrepreneurs.

Hiking is a great way to discover new trails and have a fresh perspective. The ups in the startup are up and downs are really down. If you are in Toronto there are plenty of hiking spots to explore. With a short drive you can be out of the city but close enough to come back. In this post, we bring you the best hiking trails in Toronto and GTA to visit. Check it out below:

10. Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls is Located in the greater Toronto area right by Milton. This by far one of the best spots I have been. The scenary is truly top-notch. From Toronto itself is about 45 minutes drive and you can come back in no time! While going at this spot you see a mini-lake, some fall, and the hike in the forest is exceptionally good. Hilton Falls is very beginner friendly for hiking as the trail is simple. The area itself is a conservation area so you have to book in advance. Check out the link here and tickets are around $6.50 for adults.

9. Mountsberg Conservation Area

Want to some owl, eagles, or horses while in Toronto? This is the spot for you. Mountsberg is not really well-know and it’s a hidden gem. It’s a great area for going for a picnic as there’s a mini lake as well. The trail itself is also great to check out. Be sure to book your spot before you go there!

8. Mount Nemo

If you like to see the city from a great height Mount Nemo is a great spot to go. It is like a mountain indeed! Once you’re in the area you can go right into the forest to begin the trail. Along your trail you will see view of the city from the top!

7. Rattle Snake Conservation

Want go onto on the most advanced hiking trail? This one is for you. Rattle Snake conversation is very challenging but not just the trail but the drive itself too. When you are going there, there will be sharp upward slope when driving! It seems scary but once you pass that the parking is easy to spot. The trail on this one is exotic and well-worth the drive.

6. Crawford Lake

Crawford Lake is another great area to explore. The lake view is magnificent. This one is also beginner friendly trail and easy to navigate throughout. However, it’s always a good idea to take a picture of the map before you begin the trail and some are very long.

5. Tiffany Falls

While this is not exactly a hiking trail, it’s a good spot to visit the fall. This spot is very instagrammable! It’s good for those adventurous profile pictures. Tiffany Falls is located in Hamilton so the drive from Toronto shouldn’t be too bad. There are nearby trails to check out as well. For Tiffany Falls you just have to pay for the parking but no reservation required!

4. Limehouse Conservation Area

Limehouse conservation area is located near Milton. This is another gem spot in the GTA. Limehouse Conservation does not require any booking in advance so you can go to it for free! The parking is also free. The hike itself is straightforward right in the forest.

3. Kelso Conservation Area 

Kelso conversation is one of our top favourite spots to visit. There’s a lake and mountain. It has number of trails and you go along the lake. In the summer time, some people go in the water as well.

2. Rouge National Urban Park

Rouge National Urban Park is located near Toronto Zoo. This is also another great spot to go on a hike. The hike trail is long but the views are really nice!

1. Rockwood Conservation Area

This one is the number hiking spot to visit. Rockwood Conservation Area is absolutely breath-taking! It’s around one hour drive from Toronto. It has a lake and the hiking trail is the best. It’s safe to say you won’t get bored.

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