Founder Spotlight: Olu Adedeji at Prelo

Over 90% of Startups and early businesses fail in their first year. More than 50% fail after 3 years, why? One of the biggest reasons is lack of funding, most founders are unable to generate enough traction to raise the funding they need to truly grow.

What is Prelo?

Prelo is the most affordable way for early stage founders and SMBs to build traction. It uses data insights to highlight partnership opportunities with well-funded, fast growing Startups flying under the radar.

Founded in 2021 by Olu Adedeji whilst trying to solve the traction challenge posed by a previously failed venture, Prelo is an AI driven matching platform that identifies key decision makers in industry verticals served by these growth Startups.

With Prelo, a global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, you will be able to find Startups that are raising or have recently raised investment, how far through the investment stage they are, when they last raised, how much they raised and what industries they currently serve.

Prelo is right for Early Stage B2B SaaS Founders, Established Freelancers, SMBs and interns looking for hidden opportunities in a $200bn industry

Note: Following the pandemic, and in our bid to provide help to the unemployed, Prelo now tells you which Startups are actively hiring!

Why not try out Prelo, start building the connections you need to grow your business.