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Design Careers

I spent the early part of my career focused on creative and visual design for marketing and brand campaigns and believed that my passion was only within creative work. When I joined my first tech organizations I shift focus to digital and web design primarily. During this time I became much more fascinated by designing with deep understanding of business goals and solving complex user problems. This lead me to pursue product design full time.”

  • Job Titles

    Product Designer, User Experience Designer, Digital Marketing Designer, UX/UX Manager, UX/Instructional Designer, Product Experience Designer, Brand Designer, Head of Design, Graphic Designer, Senior Product Designer, Director of Design

  • Skils

    Qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and techniques such as contextual inquiries and interviewing, usability testing, surveys, workshop facilitation, usage data analysis and triangulation
    User research, the user, and a truly collaborative spirit
    Sketch, Invision, Abstract, and other design tools

  • Community

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