Top 16 Toronto Hottest Startups Part II

Biiibo founded by Roger Sabat is an on-demand digital marketplace and platform for construction supplies.

We are beyond thrilled to bring you part II of Toronto’s hottest startups. In part I series, we covered some incredible startups in wide range of industries and stages. In part II, we continue to cover the founders behind these startups in Toronto. They are building great companies with great impact. Keep an eye out out for them as they are growing rapidly.

15. Javelin Sports

Toronto Startups Javelin

From the right cofounders are Justin Ford and Coleman Ting Ho Chan.

Javelin Sports is a Toronto-based start-up that is on a mission to help people play sports. They built a mobile app that connects sports players with other players and leagues in their community. Javelin Sports has recently found success running return to sports campaigns in the GTA. As a result, they have grown to a user base of over 25,000 with some in-app groups reaching over 500 players. Initially founded in 2017 by Justin Ford and Coleman Chan, the Javelin team has grown to 8 people all fully dedicated to helping you play sports. Every day, their team is searching for new ways to inspire players and make sports even more accessible.


14. Sniffly

Toronto Startup Snifly

From the right: Armin Faraji and Bobak Rasouli are the cofounders of Sniffly.

A large fraction of COVID-19 victims how found that their altered senses make their life more difficult, unpleasant, and in some cases even dangerous. Sniffly provides a virtual therapy program for rehabilitating the sense of smell and taste. The Sniffly Rehab Program is an evidence-based step-by-step program with videos and exercises that are compiled by medical professionals and proven to accelerate smell and taste recovery. The founders, Armin Faraji and Bobak Rasouli were inspired to create Sniffly after facing their own struggles with smell loss after contracting COVID-19. Sniffly’s approach combines a set of exercises based on behavioral psychology and other empirically supported therapies. As well, their product also includes a smell diary for users to track their smell recovery through a series of self-assessments.


13. uCast  

Rand Abou Ras is the Founder & CEO at uCast.

Ucast is on a mission to reshape the way podcast advertising works. The platform is the go-to marketplace for podcasters and advertisers of any size and budget to launch successful Ad campaigns. Ucast is intricately designed to inspire trust, communication, and a “podcast-advert” fit. It focuses on matching campaigns with podcasts that will generate the highest ROIs based on numerous factors.


12. Deeded 

Toronto Startups Deeded Reuven Gorsht

Reuven Gorsht is the CEO at Deeded.

Deeded is removing the friction, frustration, and expense of closing a Real Estate or mortgage transaction. Think of it as the “check out button” when you’re buying or selling a home. You can seamlessly complete your closing online. They work with lenders, proptech companies and realtors to close transactions frictionlessly. 
In just 15-months, they processed over $1B in Real Estate transactions through the platform and have expanded to service Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.


11. SingleKey 

Toronto Startups SingleKey

Viler Lika is the founder & CEO at SingleKey. 

What keeps landlords up at night, is worrying about delinquent tenants – namely, those who do not pay rent and cause damage to the property. The process of removing a delinquent tenant is lengthy and can cost landlords over $15,000 in lost rent, legal fees, and possible property repairs. Used by thousands of landlords across Canada, SingleKey is a digital platform that helps landlords make more informed decisions when selecting a tenant and managing their risk. SingleKey protects landlords by offering (i) a Tenant Credit & Background Check Report to screen prospective tenants, and (ii) a Rent Guarantee program that guarantees rental income to landlords for up to 12 months when tenants don’t pay, covers property damages up to $10,000, and all legal fees related to an eviction. SingleKey offers landlords peace of mind and financial stability while savings thousands in tenant delinquency costs.


10. Contractor Compliance

Toronto Startup Contractor Compliance

Mark Bania is the Co-founder & CEO at Contractor Compliance.

Contractor Compliance is a Toronto based start-up that simplifies the process for enterprise organizations to collect, manage and requalify third party requirements. Through automation, Contractor Compliance is able to reduce the administrative burden of managing this process by up to 70%. With third party compliance management being more critical to day-to-day operations than ever before (whether you’re in a regulated industry, or are simply looking to ensure that third parties are properly insured, trained & in today’s landscape – prepared to meet your Covid-19/Vaccination requirements) Contractor Compliance has quickly grown to over 150 enterprise customers globally with 50,000 + users.


9. MoxyPatch

Toronto Startups Remy Warren

Remy Warren is the Founder at MoxyPatch.

A surprising 1 in 3 women will experience incontinence. After discovering a lack of innovation in the market that is actually designed to prevent leaks versus simply absorb leaks, MoxyPatch™ set out to create an innovative and category-disrupting device that works to prevent the unintentional and often frustrating leaks caused by stress urinary incontinence in females. MoxyPatch™ is an over-the-counter and eco-friendly solution that will be available both online and in retail stores so that it is accessible to all women. Their mission is to offer women a true solution in leakage prevention, and to help these women regain their confidence, regain their lives, and regain their Moxy!


8. HUEX Labs

Toronto Startups HuEX Co Anik Seth

Anik Seth is the founder at HUEX Labs.

Conversation Owner, Anik Seth has launched HUEX Labs, they are focused on building Applied AI solutions centered around voice-enabled conversational AI for brick-and-mortar use. As a result, they have created AIDA (Automated Intelligent Digital Assistant) a voice assistant that can handle customer service-related tasks for on-premise commercial use. Retailers and fast-food restaurants can have a “digital employee” to help combat the extensional labor crisis they face, improve productivity and reduce labor cost, while maximizing upsell opportunities.


7. Super PawBox 

Toronto Startups Super PawBox

Alize Bhatia is the founder of Super PawBox.

Super PawBox, a monthly Toronto-based Canadian dog box, was started by Alize Bhatia with the aim to help puppy parents through puppyhood. She bootstrapped Super PawBox to a $100k+ annual revenue business within 1 year and continues to actively work to expand the business. In addition to this, as part of their mission to help animals in need, Super PawBox donates a portion of each sale to shelters around the world.


6. Biiibo 

Roger Sabat is a Founder & CEO at Biiibo Inc.

Biiibo is an on-demand digital marketplace and platform for construction supplies that is streamlining the purchase and delivery of materials in the construction industry. Through the Biiibo app and website, homeowners and professional contractors can better manage their renovation projects, find the supplies they need, and order their materials ahead of time or on-demand within two hours. Biiibo also launched its subscription service, Biiibo Pro, which gives its customers unlimited, free same day deliveries. In addition to its marketplace, Biiibo also offers builders and contractors tools to better manage their projects and their team, enabling builders to build more efficiently. Since launch in 2020, Biiibo has bootstrapped to a team of more than 90 people across three offices in Toronto and Vancouver.


5. Moves Financial 

Toronto Startups Moves Financial

Matt Spoke is the CEO at Moves Financial. 

Moves was launched in early 2020 with a mission “to improve the collective financial health of gig workers.” Matt Spoke, CEO of Moves, believes that the gig economy is not only growing, it is rapidly growing to become the economy and within the next few years, it will be the biggest single industry by size of workforce. The pandemic has pushed many people into this kind of work, while for many others it represents an opportunity for better work/life balance and flexibility. One of the major challenges is that millions of Americans earn their primary income through gig work, but they’re on their own to tackle financial challenges. No one is effectively supporting these essential workers in achieving their financial goals or educating them, and no one has built a community to help them get ahead together. Our long term vision is to unlock unprecedented value for the workers of the gig economy. We call it the Moves Collective. We define our members, “gig workers,” as people who earn their income from independent work derived from “gig platforms” such as Uber, Postmates, Amazon Flex, and many others. Gig workers are often marginalized as these companies have worked primarily to create value for their customers, while overlooking the workers.


4. Paytm Labs

Toronto Startups Paytm Labs

Harinder Takhar is the CEO at Paytm Labs. 

Harinder Takhar is the CEO of Paytm Labs Inc., the Toronto-based research and development division of Paytm. In his previous role, Harinder led Paytm as its first CEO in India when Paytm launched in 2011. At Paytm Labs Inc., he is responsible for two key objectives: building Paytm’s machine learning and big data technologies and growing Paytm’s presence in North America. 2018 embarked a joint venture between Paytm, Softbank and Yahoo! Japan; known as PayPay. Harinder led teams from three different countries which came together to launch a QR-based smartphone payment settlement service in Japan offered to both merchants and customers. In 2020, Paytm AI (PAI) Risk was softly launched. It is a full end-to-end fraud management system that is able to make real-time decisions. It works as a dynamic rule engine to make day-to-day analyses and procedures easier by supporting a deep integration of a businesses data in any industry.


3. Able Innovations

Toronto Startups Able Innovations Team

From the left: co-founders Philip Chang (CTO) and Jayiesh Singh (CEO).

Able Innovations‘ automated and intelligent robotic patient transfer technology protects front-line staff from injuries and allows them to do more with less, ultimately boosting operational efficiency in hospitals. With acute staffing shortages across healthcare facilities, Able’s ALTA Platform™ addresses the problem at its core.

Today, it takes multiple staff to exert back-breaking effort to transfer individuals, whereas the ALTA Platform™ enables a single healthcare worker to effortlessly lift and move patients laterally from surface to surface. Current methods of transfer require two to eight staff to exert significant physical effort, leading to high burden, injury rates, and labour usage.

Able Innovations is witnessing immense interest from leading hospitals regarding its revolutionary technology and is looking to expand quickly. Able is seeking conversations with healthcare facilities, investors and other stakeholders.


2. Part3

Toronto Startups Part3

From left: Jack Sadler Co-founder & CEO, Jessica Luczycki Co-Founder, and Corey Stanford Co-founder & CTO.

Part3 is a collaborative, data-driven app for Architects and Engineers to digitize their most time-consuming workflows, and cut out the waste. After 10 years in the construction industry, Co-Founder Jess Luczycki teamed up with Jack and Corey to change the way construction teams work, and help Architects and Engineers build better. This mission lays the path for everything they do, and their platform is uniting teams to foster a collaborative working culture, and protecting the profit margins of design firms at a time where this matters most.


1. Carbon Neutral Club

Toronto Startup Carbon Neutral Club

From the left Jack Bruner is the co-founder shown at Elevate Conference. Other co-founders not shown are Jeff Packer, and Roee Eidan

Carbon Neutral Club‘s mission is to make climate action accessible to everyone. Carbon Neutral Club members estimate and offset their personal carbon footprints, and as a reward, gain access to year-round savings with 50+ sustainable brands who help members reduce their impact by shopping more sustainably. Having just launched in July of 2021, Carbon Neutral Club has hundreds of members, has grown its revenue consistently 40-50% month-over-month, and has done so organically without a dollar spent on marketing. Its members have driven close to $20,000 in purchases to its sustainable brand partners including the likes of tentreeKOTN, and Fable. Carbon Neutral Club also offers an Employee Program which lets companies offer their employees the ability to live carbon neutral and reduce their footprint over time. They have 20 companies signed up for the program, ranging from SMBs like POWERSHiFTER all the way to an active pilot program with Kraft Heinz. Carbon Neutral Club will be raising a Seed round in the new year to scale its growth and engineering teams and is interested to meet value-aligned investment partners.


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