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Top Recruiters is an annual editorial coverage to recognize the dedication.

We know recruiters hardly get any recognition about their work but  we’re about to change that. We bring out the spotlight on the Top Recruiters with our global tech community. If you’re looking to get involved with our tech community let us know! We’re always looking for partners and members who can help us grow the online tech community together.

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28/07 – Beyond thrilled to be announcing the Top Recruiters and HR Tech Leaders 2023 edition via a LIVE online event on our platform. We’re looking for HR Tech Leaders as speakers! If you know anyone suited please get in touch with us here.

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Top Recruiters

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We love celebrating the accomplishment of recruiters to the their team and organizations. Selected recruiters can use our badge on their team and website to showcase their excellence.

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This is vetted list to bring out the best in the recruiting industry. We bring you the best in the industry so you can focus on growing your tech company. Recruiting is always challenging which why we strive to bring you the most updated and valuable insights in the recruiting industry.

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