Top Hottest Real Estate Startups

Top Real Estate Startups

Rhenti streamlines the experience of renting.

There’s no doubt the real estate market is hot these days. In cities such as Toronto, housing prices are skyrocketing well beyond the pandemic, and consumers are exploring new options to buy or rent. Many innovative real estate tech startups in this space are bringing out new solutions to help consumers navigate the entire buying or rental process. This space has never been this exciting. The customer journey is rapidly changing with these new tools and platforms. You can now get live mortgage rates on sites such as Perch or receive curated listings for your next rent with Rhenti.

In this post, we bring you some of the hottest top real estate startups that bringing out the most innovative solutions to the market. Check out the complete list here:

12. Souqh 

Top Real Estate Startup Souqh

Ahmer Rafiq is the CEO at Souqh

Souqh is Canada’s only all-in-one real estate and home services marketplace providing technology and services to help real estate professionals deliver unparalleled client experiences. Souqh brings together clients, realtors, mortgage brokers, law firms, inspectors, and associated industry partners to deliver a complete digital experience for their client’s home ownership journey – all in one place.


11. REIF

Top Real Estate Startups REIF

Ben Ames is the Chief Executive Officer at REIF.

REIF is connecting Commercial Real Estate (CRE) to Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Decentralized finance is an up coming financial technology which is similar to cryptocurrencies. REIF is working on to bring commercial real estate to DeFi investors. Their first project, REIF Pool, is a $10M USD fund live on Centrifuge’s Tinlake and gives accredited DeFi investors access to a high-quality CRE debt fund. REIF minted the 1st commercial mortgage NFT on Ethereum with their first loan at 150 Chatham Street, Hamilton ON in December 2021.


10. ARCH

Top Real Estate Startups ARCH

Stephen Benson is the CEO at ARCH.

ARCH is a real estate home financing company providing first-time homebuyers with interest free down payment advances which don’t have to be returned until they sell their home. Their mission is to help aspiring home owners get that extra bit of financial breathing space that is so drastically needed when entering today’s real estate market. They are co-investing with people who have no chance of tapping the ‘Bank of Mom & Dad’ for their down payment and those who don’t want to save forever just so they can have a down payment for a home they love.


9. SingleKey

Top Real Estate Startups SingleKey

Viler Lika is the Founder & CEO at SingleKey.

We all heard those stories from renting out your place and things going south. Founded by Viler Lika in 2019 SingleKey takes the risk out of renting as helps landlords find the right tenant and manage risks that come with renting.


8. Deeded

Top Real Estate Startups Deeded

Reuven Gorsht is the CEO at Deeded.

Buying a home is the biggest transaction for most but the closing process is so tedious for both buyers and sellers. Deeded is bringing out a checkout button for Real Estate transaction. The company has $1B+ in transactions closed on Deeded and has expanded in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.


7. Land Depot Capital 

Top Real Estate Startups Land Depot-Capital

Gurmit Singh is the Founder & CEO at Land Depot Capital.

Investing in real estate traditionally has always been tedious as there are many factors to deal with such as property maintenance, taxes, and paying mortgage. Land Depot Capital is building the platform for fractional ownership that enables investors to diversify their real estate portfolios without the hassle. The company is founded by Gurmit Singh and has had an incredible growth along with a successful fundraising round via Equivesto.


6. Local Logic

Top Real Estate Startups Local Logic

Vincent-Charles Hodder is the Co-founder & CEO at Local Logic.

Local Logic is a platform that provides location insights that drive decisions for developers, and real estate professionals. They are covering 300M properties in the US and Canada. The company is founded by Vincent-Charles Hodder, Gabriel Damant-Sirois, and Colin Stewart. The team has raised $10M in funding to further fuel their market expansion.


5. Requity Homes

Top Real Estate Startups Requity Homes

Amy Ding is the Founder & CEO at Requity. 

Home ownership has become an oxymoron these days for the new generation thanks to high prices and stagnant income level. But there’s always hope. Requity Homes is a rent-to-own platform that empowers aspiring home owners to go from renters to owners. With incredible growth since the launch, the company has expanded in cities across Canada such as Thunder Bay, North Bay, Calgary, Ottawa, Kingston, and Windsor. They also recently raised $1.2 million to further expand in Western Canada.


4. RealSage

Top Real Estate Startups RealSage

Arnab Dastidar is the CEO at RealSage.

RealSage is founded by Arnab Dastidar, Gaurav Madani and Zain Nathoo. They have built a seamless platform to manage properties efficiently, and create a better appeal for modern, digital native renters. SoulRooms has had a 40% month on month growth since May 2021. They now have 1,600+ properties using the platform across six major cities in Canada and the US.


3. Bidmii

Top Real Estate Startups Bidmii

Jon Christensen in the middle along with team members.

Finding the best contractor for your next home renovation project is challenging. With Bidmii you can post your home project and get multiple bids from vetted contractors. This brings out more transparency and puts the home owner into the driver seat to have the best contractor to get the job done. The company recently has reached over 1,000+ contractors on the platform and is expanding rapidly. They also recently announced a great initiative to diversity the workforce in home renovation industry via Bursary For Women In Skilled Trades.


2. Rhenti

Top Real Estate Startups Rhenti

Rhenti team from the left: Tom Ronis, Erin Chan, and team members.

Sifting through the myriad of listing sites to connect the right listings with the right renters is tough. Rhenti is building the ultimate platform to streamline the experience of renting by building a powerful set of marketing automation and leasing tools. Tomas Ronis and Erin Chan (ex-Shopify) founded Rhenti because they wanted to create a better system to streamline the rental search process for property owners, operators, and renters. The company continues to grow the momentum it generated last year for an even more successful 2022.


1. Perch

Top Real Estate Startups Perch

Perch team along with Alex Leduc Founder & CEO in the centre.

Perch is a complete home ownership platform. Regardless of where you are in the buying journey they got you covered. Perch gives personalized financial insights that optimize a buyer’s path to homeownership. In 2021, Perch has raised a $1M seed round and was selected to join the 2022 REACH Canada accelerator. They recently launched Perch Path Finder to help home owners get the best mortgage rates. If you’re thinking about buying a home now or into the future, we think you will love Perch.


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