This Company Will Save You Money for Fighting Climate Change

Carbon Neutral Club Team

A company that lets you save year-round at sustainable brands for offsetting your carbon footprint has just launched in Canada.

Carbon Neutral Club lets you do your part to fight climate change by estimating and offsetting your carbon footprint in minutes. As a reward for being a part of the climate solution, members get exclusive year-round savings at 50+ of the best sustainable brands in the world, including the likes of KOTN, tentree, mini mioche, Frank And Oak, Village Juicery, and Fable.

“The idea is to give anyone the tools to understand their personal climate impact, and then incentivize them to begin their journey to reduce it,” says Jack Bruner, one of Carbon Neutral Club’s co-founders. “Carbon Neutral Club members fight climate change in two ways. First, they erase their climate impact by estimating and offsetting their personal carbon footprint. As a reward, members gain exclusive access to year-round savings at sustainable businesses, helping to reduce their footprints by spending more sustainably. We make the sustainable purchasing decision a little bit easier to find, and a little more cost-friendly.”

“Many regular people still do not have access to tools that can help them to be a part of the climate solution. We’ve seen a movement across all demographics of people who are ready to take climate action into their own hands, so we set out to create a solution to reward them for doing so.” says Jeff Packer, one of the three co-founders of the company alongside Jack Bruner and Roee Eidan.

The team at Carbon Neutral Club believes that building a community is essential to making a real impact in the fight against climate change. “We believe that climate change can, and will be solved from the bottom-up. Carbon Neutral Club represents a tangible, impactful opportunity for individuals, brands, and employers to be a part of the long-term climate solution.” says Jeff Packer.

Seems like they are off to a great start.