Building Community Around Your Brand

Community Building for Startups

Community should be at the core of every startup. Whether you are a product or service company without a community you’re just another “me too” brand. It’s the community that makes you different! Think about a time you join a club or group and why was it so exciting? I remember joining Rotaract Club after graduating and it was an incredible experience. I got to meet people, learn something, and work on new projects. When you’re thinking about building a community around your brand think about how you can empower your users with not just your product but with content. Here are ways to build a community around your brand:

Start with a purpose. What’s the purpose of this community? 

Without purpose there’s no way to unite the members and even bring the community together. Having a purpose is that force that glues the community. Write your community purpose early on. Don’t know your purpose? Go back and ask yourself the following questions:

What do the users care about?
What’s their goals and aspiration?
How can you empower them?

Community needs to have values. 

What do you value as a brand? This is such a key. Your brand needs to have values and position to be successful. Without values you will be another generic brands. Write down your values.

Deliver value via content 

Content will be the key for your members. They are looking to get inspired and engaged. Think about delivering value additive content to your community on a regular basis.

Create engagement that brings excitement 

What are you doing for your brand to bring engagement? One of the best ways to create engagement is through live events. Live events brings people together and you just can’t beat that with a one-way-webinar!

Community Manager is the key 

Community Manager is such a key for your brand growth. They bring together the members and make them feel welcomed and appreciated. Look for that community manager that can elevate your brand in terms of engagement, not just having followers!

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