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I remember when I graduated from school, I read this guide that gave the best advice: in any given economy, there’s always room for talent. If you’re exploring new opportunities out there, keep your head high as you will have to go through an insane number of rejections to land that offer. Keep evolving your game and skill sets, while searching for those opportunities. In this post, we have put together a complete stack of resources to find the right opportunity. This includes startup accelerator job listings, 70+ global VC portfolio companies, niche sites, and more!

Join tech communities 

Tech and startup communities are one of the best ways to empower your search. If you’re plugged into the community, you can get connected with new opportunities. Get connected with community builders as they have the gate keepers. Of course will be biased to recommend our own community as we have some of founders and tech leaders in our community. We have a private Slack where founders share opportunities with our community.

Get active with Events

Diversifying your search activity is the key. Events are a great way to meet the tech leaders in your community. Whether online or offline, get out of the house to meet some new faces.

Instead of asking what do you do? try asking ‘what’s your story?’ is one of the best networking advice I got.

This opens people more to talk about their goals and aspirations. You will more likely to find some common ground with people to relate and connect. For the list of up coming events and conference see here.

Startup Accelerators & Incubators

Startup accelerators and incubators are a good place to further connect with founders. Though many startups struggle in the early days, chances there may be a startup or two there that might be hiring after a fundraising round! The first hire largely varies depending on the company but some can include technical lead, operation or marketing! More processed-based roles are usually later as the company scales. You can get the complete list of startup accelerators and incubators here.

General Listings

General listings sites should be another tool in your search arsenal. These include job aggregators, social networks, and others.

Get active with social 

Investing in social network is vastly underrated. This includes platforms such as X, where a lot of founders have a made hire. Start with adding value and showcase your expertise. If you’re on Linkedin you can connect with me there.

VC Portfolio Companies

When there’s a new funding, startups are going to hire. This is a great way to stay updated with the up coming opportunities. For fundraising news, the best is to check our startup news media outlets such as FoundersPress. Get the startup newsletter so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

Modern Platforms

Modern recruiting platforms such as HiredHippo and MavenMind are designed to help you connect with curated opportunities. Take a few minutes to make a profile.

Get the list of Top Recruiters 

Who are the top recruiters in your industry? You can check our annual top recruiters coverage where we bring the tech community together. You can get connected with Top Recruiters here! Be sure to personalize a message when you reach out to them on Linkedin.

Recruiting Agencies 

Working with the right recruiting agency can make a huge difference in your search! They have best pulse in the industry. Submit your profile on their sites and connect with them on Linkedin. Check out agencies such as The Leadership Agency or SeekUp Strategies for scale ups and growing tech companies.

Startup Listings
Work at a Startup Y Combinator
Work in Tech
Startup Accelerators Jobs Feed
Y Combinator
DMZ Startup Jobs Toronto
General Listings
Simply Hired
Glass Door
Job Bank Canada
Career Edge
Charity Village
Smashing Magazine
Authentic jobs
The ladders
Honey Pot
Design Jobs
Marketing and Community Management Jobs
Community Management
Growth Hacking
Modern Platforms
Join Handshake
The Muse
VC Portfolio Companies
500 Global
Alchemist Accelerator
ATX Venture Partners
B Capital Group
Bain Capital Ventrures
BBG Ventures
Bowery Capital
Canvas Ventures
Chingona Ventures
Conversion Capital
Costanoa Ventures
Craft Ventures
Crossbeam Capital
Crane Venture Partners
Differential Ventures
Dreamit Ventures
Earlybird VC
Entrepreneur First
Essence VC
Female Founderes Fund
ff Venture Capital
Fin Capital
Fintech Ventures Fund
Firstmark Capital
Forecast Labs
General Catalyst
Golden Ventures
Gradient Ventures
Greylock Partners
H/L Ventures
Hyde Park Ventures
Inovia Capital
Jump Capital
Kleiner Perkins
Left Lane Capital
Lerer Hippeau
Lightspeed Venture Partners
MassMututal Ventures
Moxie Ventures
NYCA Partners
Portag3 Ventures
Point Nine
Primary VC
Rally Ventures
Real Ventures
Redesign Health
Scale Venture Partners
Sequoia Capital
Sharp Alpha Ventures
Signal Fire
Spark Growth Ventures
Everywhere Ventures (The Fund)
Tusk Venture Partners
Verve Ventures
Y Combinator
Galvanize Climate Solutions
Recruiting Agencies
The Leadership Agency
Linkus Group
SeekUp Strategies

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