Startup Demo Stay22 and Open Mic

We are absolutely pleased to bring you the Startup Open Mic Online event. This an Online Event that aims to bring the startup community together across the globe. The format is via Zoom video and there’s an open mic where you can make an announcement about your projects, whether or not you are looking for a cofounder, or talk about your event!

This is our first online event and more to come. Here’s short summary of highlights

Startup Demo: Stay22 

First up we had an awesome startup demo with Andrew Lockhead from Stay22. Stay22 is an exciting platform to help provide event organizers an accommodation system that is embedded on their website. Tune into the startup demo and how Andrew goes over the problem, challenges, and the solution.
Some questions from the audience include:

How did you go about marketing the product in the early days?

According to Andrew you have “Start from Somewhere”. Initially, they started with a small newsletter to send great content to users and then started exploring other channels. There was a lot of manual work in marketing in the beginning.

What characteristics do you look for in your new hires?

The number one characteristic is being resourceful. Being resourceful is such a huge key in a startup. Another trait is do whatever it takes mentality. A startup is a battle!

Startup Open Mic (18:23 on the video)

FoundersBeta Announcements 

Our very own team had some announcements:

Working on a Food Startup? Check out this amazing competition by FoodBytes coming up to Montreal:

Looking to get into an incredible accelerator? Check out Applications are now open!

Community Announcements 

Genecis is currently raising some funds!

@LatAmStartupsCo is a non-profit organization helping startups to scale. LatAm Startups Conference 5.0 in coming to Toronto. Use FOUNDERSBETALATAM for 50% off:

Siencie Lab in Waterloo is currently hiring for number of roles. Check it out on:

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