Coda for Startups

We are beyond thrilled to bring you the highlights from our Coda for Startups with Al Chen. Tune into our video below to learn more about product development, building a startup, and more. To try out Coda use the following link:

Thanks so much for joining us Al. Beyond thrilled to have you. Can you talk about a bit about your role and Coda?

  • Coda is a platform that lets you build docs as powerful as apps → don’t need to be a coder to build cool stuff
  • Show demo doc

What startups have you built in the past?

  • KeyCuts, Cooperatize, PRSA Tri-State, blogging

What tips do you have for startups when it comes to building the first version of product? Any tips for non-technical founders?

  • Use as many free tools as possible
  • Build prototypes in a spreadsheet, Coda
  • No-code movement: check out sites like nocode.mvp and

You recently wrote a post on Product Road Map. What exactly is a product road map and why is important to have a Product Road Map?

  • A tool to communicate and track progress for features you are building in your product
  • Helps you stay on task, know who is doing what, etc.

Maybe we can jump into a demo there here? Think having a product road map would be super useful to the startups in the community.

Check out coda product road map template:

For remote team, what are some best ways to stay organized and getting stuff done?

  • Weekly/daily check-ins on Zoom
  • Documentation (updating your tasks so team knows what you’re working on)

What tips do you have for startups when it comes to project management for startups?

  • Have a tool (like Coda) to track all your tasks, ideas
  • Don’t worry about the small details first (web hosting is more important than IG pic)

In what ways startups can use Coda to improve their processes, workflow, or operation?

  • Track tasks that need to be complete
  • Build a prototype of your app before you spend money on developers
  • Build tools you need for other workflows like CRM, bug tracking, sales pipeline
  • Eventually have an ecosystem where Makers can charge for their Coda “apps”

How can our audience learn more Coda and get in touch with you?