Top 13 Hottest Startup Deals to Grab

Startup Deals

Finding the right deals for your startup is crucial, especially at the beginning when resources are incredibly limited. You have to leverage discounts and communities to grow further. This means that finding the right tools and solutions can save you lots of time and money. Where do you find these sweet deals? Look no further, as we bring you some of the top deals and promotions.

1. Kakushin

Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! That’s the key for your startup growth. Great products die fast without the right marketing and branding. Get the branding and marketing right for your startup from the beginning with Kakushin. Mention FoundersBeta to get the deal.

2. Kinsta

99% of WordPress issues has to do with hosting. Kinsta is a premium platform to host your WordPress site. You can get 4 months with the annual plan. That’s huge saving in hosting cost! Grab the deal here.

3. Hostinger 

This is the most affordable and reliable WordPress Hosting out there. Ideal for sites that small in traffic but growing at a steady rate. You can get up to 85% off. Get this sweet deal right here.

4. Nu Benefits 

Employee benefits is an absolute must for your organization. You can get up to 75% lower fees and commissions. Until November 30th, any new Health Spending Accounts (HSA) will get a 7% administration fee for the first year! sign up today

5. Pocketed 

There are thousands of funding opportunities out there but mostly go untapped. We know founders are busy with customers so leave the funding up to Pocketed. Get funding for your startup! Get up to 75% off using BlackFriYAY2023

6. OFX

Move your money globally with bank beating rates. Get the deal

7. Vetster 

Do you have a lovely pet? Vetster is the ultimate platform for all things related to your pet. Get 25% off for virtual pet appointment using the code CERYS25.

8. Wagepoint 

Payroll software out there is complicated and tedious, but it doesn’t have to be with Wagepoint. Get the pay right for your team with Wagepoint. Get one month free of payroll fees using FoundersBeta

9. Cansulta 

Most startup advice out there doesn’t work till you meet Cansulta. Talk to the right advisor for your startup. Use the Code FOUNDERSVIP for 50% off on Bronze VIP membership

10. ScaleHR

Invest in your team early on. ScaleHR is offering a leadership program for SMB leaders and managers. Get up to 85% off with Canada Job Grant.

11. MangoVisa 

Want to start a business in Canada or USA? Not sure where to even begin? MangoVisa is the platform for immigrant entrepreneurs to get started. You can Get up to 75% off with MangoVisa 

12. NeuraVue

Experience the future of safety with NeuraVue. You can grab it for free for 2 Months! Unlock the Power of AI in your business. Check it out here.

13. Mantle 

Unlock 12 months of free access to their AI-powered equity management platform. This is available to venture-backed startup founders. Be sure to mention FoundersBeta and use this link.

Got a sweet startup deals? Let us know here.

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