Top 6 Startup Facebook Groups & Slack Communities for Founders

Top Facebook Groups for Founders and Startups

Community-moderated Facebook groups are incredibly helpful. Looking for a co-founder? Need beta users? This might be it. These groups bring a lot of value to the community and their members.

If you’re building a startup, you have to find a way to build it within a community. Building your own startup is extremely isolating because the majority of people in your network are working for someone else. It’s only other founders who can relate to your struggles and challenges. This is the power of peer-to-peer support networks.

Startup communities can help you find beta users, get feedback, or just gain more awareness around your product. Here are the top Facebook groups to join to get more connected:

1. FoundersBeta Facebook Group 

FoundersBeta facebook group is one of the largest founders and startups facebook group. It’s global and it’s dedicated for founders to get peer to peer support, share expertise, get support, and asks questions. As a founder you don’t have do it alone, build it with a community. You will be amazed at the results. This group is community moderated heavily so there are no spam posts. The aim is to bring high quality content that brings engagement and value to the community.

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2. Startup Jobs Facebook Group 

If you’re looking for job at a startup or tech, this group is for you. This group is updated frequently with job opportunities in marketing, sales, software, and more.

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3. Toronto Startups Facebook Group

Toronto is the largest tech hub in Canada. If you’re building a startup in Toronto, this one is for your. Get connected with fellow Toronto founders and startups here. Check out up coming events, news, and much more.

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4. Vancouver Startups Facebook Group 

Vancouver startup scene is growing. How do you keep in touch? This is the place you can find local startups in Vancouver area.

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5. Waterloo Startups Facebook Group 

Vancouver startup scene is growing. This is the place you can find local startups in Vancouver area.

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6. Home Buyers and Home Owners Group

This one is a niche group ideal for real estate startups, realtors, and home owners to get connected.

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7. Founders Slack Community

If you need a more private forum, check out the Founders Startup Slack to get connected with other founders.

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