Announcing the World’s First Ever Growth Hackathon

After months of development, we are pleased to announce the World’s First Ever Growth Hacakthon for our online startup community. Growth is one of the biggest challenges early-stage startups face. In essence, the whole definition of startup is growth. A startup has to hack its way to become a company. Often times most successful startups have both elements of having a solid product and knowing how to distribute their product. With the rise of no-code development solutions and new platforms building a product is no longer the bottle neck, it’s the marketing. Distribution is the king. To quote Elizabeth Yen who is a prominent venture capital part in in her post here:

“Marketing is eating the world….Companies in the 2020s, unlike in the 1990s, need to really be performance-marketing driven in order to compete.”

We are looking to bring in the resources and community to accelerate the startup growth. The purpose of our initiative is help the startups scale globally. This is via content collaboration, access to growth mentors, and connecting with peer founders to get support. What we have seen over and over again is the best sources of advice comes from other founders and people that have been there and done it. As they say when you’re back by a community anything is possible.

The full details of our initiative is here and we can’t wait to see you on our community.

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