FoundersBeta Wins Amplifund Startup Competition at Edge Sheridan College


FoundersBeta Photo Credit: Edge Sheridan

Edge at Sheridan College hosted the Amplifund Startup Competition this week. This was unlike any other startup competition. It was chance for startups to show off their skills of persuasion in a more relaxed and marketplace-style setting. Attendees had the opportunity to really engage and invest “EDGE Notes” in their favourite ventures throughout the evening and there were mystery investors. There were 15 startups and $15K up for grab.

Here are the winners of Amplifund Startup Competition: 

FoundersBeta – online hub for finding cofounders and team members. We won!
MotifyLearn – An integrative student tool designed with student success in mind.
IRIS R&D Group – Enabling cities monitor road networks intelligently

Edge Sheridan

MotifyLearn Photo Credit: Edge Sheridan

Fan Favourite:

LinkMental Health – connects you to a therapist that best fits your needs & regardless of what you can afford.

Edge Sheridan

LinkMental health Photo Credit: Edge Sheridan

It was a great night of celebration of startups and showcasing innovation. Big thanks to the team at Edge and Sheridan College for organizing this. To learn more Edge visit here: