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Job Fair July Edition 2022

After 3 months of development, we are beyond excited to bring you the July edition of Online Job Fair. This is a perfect time to get matched with some of the fastest growing companies! Check out the opportunities below and RSP your spot here.

Wage Point 

What do they do: Wagepoint is a fintech company on a mission to simplify payroll – and maybe even dare to make it delightful! Our online software was created just for small businesses, automating the most time-consuming parts of payroll – like calculating wages and reporting on taxes – so that the customers can get back to doing what they love most. Backed by the world’s friendliest team, Wagepoint is always supportive, never stuffy and refreshingly human. Founded in 2012, they make payroll magic happen for more than 18,000 small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers across North America.

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What do they do: Biiibo is an on-demand supplier of building materials. We are revolutionizing the construction industry by streamlining the purchase and delivery of supplies. Our mission is to ensure projects are completed on time & under budget.

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What do they do: MinuteBox provides global law firms the tools to safely and securely manage and create digital minute books and corporate records on behalf of clients. MinuteBox is an end-to-end and cloud-based corporate minute book management service for law firms and their clients, combining physical minute book scanning, artificial intelligence based parsing, document automation and government filing. MinuteBox is a tool designed and developed for law firms to make minute book storage and maintenance seamless, efficient and profitable. Whether the firm manages physical or has an entirely digital minute book library, MinuteBox can provide immediate solutions.

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What do they do: Talk to a top-rated veterinary professional – online, 24/7. Vetster is an award-winning veterinary telehealth platform providing video, chat and voice enabled appointments to pet owners. Pet owners get the care they need at times convenient to them from the comfort of their own home. Vetster. Where pet health lives.

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What do they do: Accessing business data shouldn’t be difficult. Building improved SME financial tools or making lending decisions shouldn’t require manual data import. ForwardAI is here to help. ForwardAI solutions that streamline the SME client intake process and make it simple for banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, and fintechs to onboard and provide comprehensive financial services to their clients. Their business data is provided through seamless, secure workflows in three forms: historical, real-time, and predictive.

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What do they do:

Barley offers smart compensation solutions to hire faster, retain your people, and grow your organization.

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What do they do: Souqh is Canada’s real estate + home services marketplace. We are simplifying the entire home ownership journey – in one digital platform. Souqh enables a simplified, organized and a complete digital home ownership experience, by allowing home buyers/owners to seamlessly connect, collaborate and transact with service providers across their entire home ownership journey – in one place. Experience the future of the home ownership journey, digitized and simplified.

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Canada Mentors 

What do they do: Canada Mentors, mentor and connect skilled Software Engineers across the globe with mission-driven Canadian tech companies!

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