Complete Job Fair Guide May Edition 2021

Online Job Fair May Edition 2021

We’re back with the new edition of our online job fair and expo for the month of May. Check out the companies and their opportunities below.

Date and time: Tuesday May 25, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST

Format: Online Chat



What do they do: Unwrapit is a virtual gifting platform that helps organizations spark and maintain meaningful connections through a fun, personalized ‘unwrapit’ experience & choice of gifts. Our gifts are almost entirely digital, experiential, charitable and practical and therefore don’t require shipping logistics and won’t end up in landfill.

Current opportunities: Customer Success Specialist

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What do they do: VanHack is a network of the world’s top software engineering, design, and digital marketing talent – available on demand to relocate to help companies grow. With over 180,000 members from 100+ countries, VanHack is the largest workforce that is ready to relocate in the world.

Current opportunities: Software, Sales, and Marketing

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What do they do: Surex is Canada’s fastest growing insurance marketplace. Quote, compare & buy online, with access to instant proof of insurance.

Current opportunities: Insurance Broker, assistant Insurance Broker

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What do they do: Payd is Canada’s first financial app dedicated to post-secondary education. The app has been developed to help students save and pay for their school without changing their spending habits. Their secret? payd uses a unique card-linking technology that eliminates frequent bank credentials logins to round user’s purchases and earn cash-back rewards. These savings can then be used to invest through one of Questrade’s many accounts (TFSA, RESP, RRSP, etc.).

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Entrepreneur First

What do they do: The world is missing out on some of its most impactful people. Many of the most exceptional technologists, engineers and business minds aren’t considering entrepreneurship as a career option, severely limiting their potential for impact on the world. Entrepreneur First is the world’s leading talent investor. We believe the best way for the most impactful & ambitious people to fulfil their potential is to build companies. We transform their lives by enabling them to become founders.

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What do they do: Synctera is closing the gap between community banks and FinTechs. Empowering you with fast, secure, and scalable partnership banking solutions, we tear down integration complexity and build bridges. It is here to guide all parties through the onboarding process and beyond, forging transactional relationships based on trust.

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What do they do:  Content Bloom is a digital technology company that combines creativity, technology, data, and digital trends to deliver solutions that improve the bottom line for the clients.

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What do they do: Justo is Toronto’s newest real estate model that uses cutting-edge technology to drive all-inclusive services and provide you with the best deal on your home – with fairness, superior service and customer satisfaction at the heart of our every activity.

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What do they do:  Business banking built for America. NorthOne is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.

Current opportunities: Across departments

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Simplified Automation 

What do they do:  Simplified primary focus is business transformation in manufacturing operations across the globe. One of the products, Process Excellence Temple (PET), helps manufacturing firms reduce waste and increase efficiency. It has been adopted by large manufacturing organizations and FMCG brands at multiple factory sites including Australia, Chile, United States and Mexico.

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