Building a Hardware Startup with Jayiesh Singh

About Able Innovations: 

Able Innovations is solving the problem of patient transfers for our front-line workers. (intro. Video here)

Front-line workers are the backbone of our healthcare system. Increasing demands of our healthcare system as well as the physically strenuous aspects of their work have resulted in increased burden, resulting in burnout and injuries. Patient transfers (i.e. moving patients between beds, stretchers, gurneys, etc.) is a major contributing factor as to why 60% of nurses battle strain related injuries. Patient transfers require 2-8 staff exerting back-breaking effort, and are also highly inefficient for facilities and undignified for patients.

Able Innovations is revolutionizing patient transfers by developing robotic medical devices that automate the process making it safe, efficient and dignified. Able’s ALTA Platform™ conducts transfers in an effortless and contactless manner with a single caregiver. By eliminating the source of injuries, litigation, and high labour utilization, we provide a dignified care experience for patients and caregivers. The ALTA Platform™ integrates recent computational, material and drivetrain advancements to realize a transfer platform that is able to safely roll under and lift patients. Facilities benefit from the ALTA as it improves clinical throughput and reduces incremental costs.

Able Innovations is seeing immense interest from facilities and is seeking conversations with key stakeholders including front-line staff, hospital operators as well as investors. If you would like to learn more about our mission and vision please contact us at