Getting Acquired: Lindy Ledohowski from EssayJack

​​EssayJack is a web platform developed by Dr Lindy Ledohowski and her cofounder to help students in high school and university with academic writing, and to help instructors in schools, colleges, and universities teaching academic writing to students. Mastery of critical thinking and critical writing skills is linked to job success and lifetime earnings, yet not all student start from the same starting point when it comes to mastering these skills. The EssayJack platform demystifies academic writing conventions in an easy-to-use platform that guides students in real time with tips, prompts, sentence starters, and video guides. EssayJack was launched in beta in 2015 and by 2021 it was acquired by Vancouver-based Wize to be added to its educational software offerings for students in high school, college, and university.

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