Founder Spotlight: Brett Colvin CEO at GoodLawyer

When Goodlawyer founder Brett Colvin was still in law school at the University of Alberta, he noticed that something didn’t add up. There was a shortage of job opportunities for law school graduates, yet the majority of legal issues were not receiving any professional support. Brett began devising a long-term strategy to start a company to serve this unmet need. After graduating, Brett practiced law for 4 years at Canada’s biggest law firm before deciding the time was right to make his move. In 2019, Brett left his job and launched Goodlawyer in order to disrupt law and make legal help more accessible.

Goodlawyer is an online marketplace connecting small businesses to lawyers with the expertise they need, all on a user-friendly platform at prices that are consistently less than half of the national average. Our online marketplace is beneficial for both sides. The technology underpinning our platform enables SMEs to pay for trusted advice instead of scouring the internet, asking a friend, or downloading a non-tailored template agreement, potentially leaving them legally vulnerable. For lawyers, Goodlawyer is a free source of new leads, enabling them to spend less time and money on marketing. Furthermore, our platform takes care of the administrative burden on lawyers that would otherwise make selling micro services unfeasible. Lawyers are thus able to spend more time helping clients and less time dealing with admin and marketing. As a result, they are willing to provide their services at a lower price.

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