Founder Spotlight: Ben Ames Chief Investment Officer at Corl

Startup fundraising is one of the biggest challenge startups face. In this spotlight, we chatted with Ben Ames who is the Chief Investment Officer from Corl Financial Technologies. We discussed fundraising strategies, building traction, and more.

Who is Corl?

Founded in 2016, Corl is a financial technology company that provides Capital-as-a-Service to startups and small businesses through innovative funding strategies, with repayment based on their customers’ gross revenue. The Corl platform is data-driven, scalable, and uses artificial intelligence to identify value across high-growth sectors. Core to Corl’s approach is leveraging financial, banking, social, and customer data to provide founder-friendly growth capital to help entrepreneurs and investors reach their strategic financial objectives. By using proprietary data, methods, and machine learning algorithms, Corl is able to identify asset-light and revenue-heavy businesses underserved by traditional investors. Equipped with these tools, Corl’s objective is to make revenue-sharing using Corl’s platform a mainstream method of raising capital and financing business growth.

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