Startup Talent Match Up Highlights: June Edition

Startup Events

We had a total blast bringing our community together for the June Edition of Talent Match Up. This edition featured Susanne Klepsch from First half was all about our community and second half was about learning about growth.

Here are the summary of our event. Please get in touch directly with our members:

Startup Projects

Unwrapit is a Toronto-based startup revealing the future of corporate and event gifting. Check it out here:

Cofounder, Engineering

Cofounder, Product

This startup is building something cool in security space. Currently, they are looking to bring on a cofounder. Get in touch here. 

FeedBad Labs is building an antipathogenic mask. Learn more here. 

Education startup is currently building a learn to code community here. Get in touch here.

Startup Talent

Available advisor for startup marketing. Get in touch here. 

Senior Software engineer looking to match up with a startup as a product manager /senior software developer roles. Get in touch here.

An awesome front-end developer looking to match up with a new opportunity. See the portfolio of projects here and get in touch here. 

And that is wrap!

We setting up the date for our next event. RSVP your spot here. 

About the Author

EricEric is founder of FoundersBeta with a wealth of expertise in startups, building high-performing teams, and product development. He is a top ranked tennis player and always up for a conversation about startups. Connect with Eric here.