Startup Talent Match Up Highlights: July Edition

Talent Match Up

This month, we had the opportunity to bring out another stellar speaker for our Talent Match Up Event. We talked about sales for early-stage ups with Rob Catalano from WorkTango and how startups can find those paying customers!

Here are some of the highlights of the event. Please get in touch directly with our members:

Startup Projects & Talent

This startup is looking to bring a growth marketer for a productivity app.
Check it out here.

This member has got operations experience at the ground level is looking to connect. Get in touch here.

Cofounder opportunity for an instagram marketing platform. Check it out here.

Recent UX graduate is looking to match up with a startup. Get in touch here. 

Sales Tips for Startups

“Start educating your market ASAP. Your job is to get ‘early vendor advantage’ so that when prospects are searching for what you offer, you become the favourite in their mind.” @RobCatalano

“Lean on history if you can. Get a sense of what the market is currently paying for it and make sure you’re not undervaluing yourself.” @RobCatalano

And that is wrap! We setting up the date for our next event. RSVP your spot here.

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