Cofounder Job Description

This is the third series on Finding a Cofounder and Building a Team. In the first and second series I wrote about tips on finding a cofounder. In this video post will show you How to Write a Cofounder Job Description. This one of the most important steps for attracting the right cofounder for your startup. Here’s a simple framework to use when writing a cofounder description:


This is what your startup is about. Why is it so exciting? Talent gets pitched all the time but you need to stand out.


What are some exciting projects looking to get done? What do you need help with? List that here.

Skills and Qualification: 

Be specific! What competencies are you looking for in a cofounder?

Call to Action: 

This is huge! what should the candidate do after reading the description. List email and website here!

For more tips on How to Find a Cofounder check out newly released course on Finding a cofounder.