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  • Top Startup Events and Conferences to Check Out
    Looking to meet some new faces? Startup events and conferences are one of the best way to build your network organically. This is especially the case, if you’re building a new company or scaling. There’s nothing like bringing some brilliant minds together under one roof. Instead of spending hours searching around the web, we got […]
  • AI EdTech Startup 1Mentor is Empowering Students for Future Jobs
    These days ChatGPT is literally on every social media channel that you open. It has truly changed the way we create content, improve processes, and learn. The implication of AI is absolutely massive as companies and institutions look for ways to integrate AI into their systems. But what do future jobs look like? How do […]
  • The Future or Downfall of AI Content Creation
    Are content creators quivering in their boots with dread over whether ChatGPT and other copywriting tools will take over their jobs? Or are they looking at the opportunity of leveraging AI in their toolbox and tech stack to be better marketers? AI Adoption by Content Marketers Creating great content is the foundation of attracting your […]
  • Cash-Flow Forecasting Is Essential To Startups
    Rising inflation, high interest rates, labor shortages, ongoing supply-chain issues, and an impending recession have collectively forced global venture capital activities to slow. Investors are operating cautiously by tightening their purse strings and executing due diligence with more focus. As a start-up founder, proving you have a healthy cash-flow can make your enterprise more attractive […]
  • How AI and Machine Learning Are Changing Agriculture
    Food is one of humanity’s most fundamental needs. The global demand for food is expected to rise 60% by 2050 to feed the world’s population. This is due to an increasing population, making our already poor use of resources even more unsustainable. The need for food is currently met through farming. However, AI and machine […]
  • Top Ways to Land Your Dream Job at a Startup
    Despite all the layoffs happening, there are many companies that are still hiring in this economic climate. If you are looking to find a job at a startup or break into tech there has never been a better time. They key to a successful search is to keep moving. I call it the “do something […]
  • Boost your sales, hit your quotas and keep your customers happy with customized gifts
    It is becoming more challenging every day for startups to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether those challenges are competitors changing their pricing or customers dealing with reduced budgets, you need every edge you can get to meet your targets. We all have quotas to hit with the close of […]
  • Contractor Compliance Sees Record Growth As Demand Continues to Boom
    Contractor Compliance is Toronto-based cloud-based software company that empowers organizations to easily collect, track and manage third-party contractor and vendor compliance. The company has seen a rapid increase for Contractor Management Software usage. According to some reports this market is estimated to be $2 billion in 2021. Contractor Compliance has had a tremendous growth with […]
  • Real Estate Tech Startup Perch Secures $4 Million Series A to Accelerate Growth
    Dream of ever owning a home has become increasingly challenging for young generations in Canada. Crippling student debt coupled with some of the highest living costs are some of the main contributing factor behind the housing crisis. How can we leverage data and technology to address some of these challenges? Perch is a Toronto-based startup […]
  • Tech Startup Pocketed Collaborates with EY Canada to Bring More Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
    Our world is in crisis. From climate change and war to food poverty and gender equality, we are faced with major challenges. We need innovation, research, and development to solve problems. We need entrepreneurs. Funding has long been a leading barrier to entrepreneurship and innovation. Over the past decade, we saw valuations soar and interest […]
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