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  • Tech Startup Pronti Reaches 600,000 Onboarded Users and Growing
    Waterloo-based tech startup Pronti is a smart closet app that recommends what-to-wear based on your closet items, choices, and mood. Using artificial intelligence, Pronti is building the ultimate platform for users and fashion brands to connect. The company works closely with retail brands to help retailers find new customers and offers a more personalized way […]
  • Tech Startup TriplePlay is Joining Roblox
    Remote work has significantly changed the way companies build their team and culture. This rapid transformation brought many challenges for companies including employee engagement and developing remote-first cultures. The traditional video conferencing players were not working for companies as many struggled to keep the culture cohesive. The video platforms were one-sided and lacked interactions for […]
  • Wagepoint Acquires KinHR to Empower Small Businesses Through Payroll and HR
    Melissa Benzo is the Director of People by Wagepoint. She has worked in HR tech since 2013, and loves helping small businesses streamline processes with technology. Melissa enjoys talking about workplace culture, wellbeing, and remote teams. Some of her non-work interests include culinary arts, LEGO, and beagles. Melissa works from her home in South Carolina, […]
  • Marlow is Building the Future of Tampons
    Marlow is bringing a revolutionary tampon in a space that hasn’t seen much innovation over the years. This is a menstrual health brand that has created the first-ever lubricated tampon delivered through a direct-to-consumer subscription model. We recently sat down with Nadia Ladak to learn more about her story and how she’s changing the FemTech […]
  • Meet the Startup that Has Helped 200+ Senior Software Engineers Find Their Dream role
    Finding senior software engineers is arguably the biggest challenge for Canadian tech companies. As companies embrace the post-covid world, the technical talent crunch is real. We had the opportunity to connect with co-founders at Canada Mentors. This startup mentors, connects and matches senior software engineers across the globe with right-fit Canadian tech companies. CanadaMentors has […]
  • What The Current Market Means For Startups
    While the last decade has been a bull market for tech companies, 2021 was exceptionally good;  2021 saw the creation of 959 unicorns (1B+ valuation) total, a 69% YoY jump from 2020. 2021 was also a record year for funding with 621B in funding, up 111% YoY.[1] In 2022, however, public stocks saw a dramatic […]
  • King Street Media’s Daniel Francavilla on Using Authenticity to Empower Your Marketing
    Marketing and growth at a startup remains a top challenge for founders. As they say fist time founders focus on product, while second time founders focus on distribution. No matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it, it’s dead in the water. But where do founders begin with startup marketing? This […]
  • Tech Startup Wingmate is Reshaping the $61B Customer Relationship Management Market
    Toronto-based tech startup, Wingmate is building a new modern customer relationship management to help companies increase their sales and retain customers. Wingmate platform has a lead capture that empowers service staff, sales, and leadership team to snap, track, and act on new business opportunities. This a huge market with an estimated size of $61B according […]
  • 5 key takeaways for first-time Collision Conference attendees
    This year’s sold out Collision Conference runs from June 20 to 23, 2022 at the Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto. With over 35,000+ attendees, 1,500+ startups and representatives from 130 countries, one thing is for certain: Collision. Is. Big. If you’re seeing all the buzz and thinking about attending next year, you’re in luck. Collision […]
  • Top 20 Hottest Tech Startups at Collision in Toronto
    Collision Tech Conference is here in Toronto this week. This is one of the largest tech conferences in the world and also known as the “Olympics of Tech”. After a long-break due to Covid, this year’s event is back. This will be running from June 20-23 in Toronto at the Enercare Centre. The conference will […]
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