Venture Studio: Build Something Epic with a Community

FoundersBeta Ventures is a startup venture studio dedicated to building audience and new products that add value to the world. Apply here.

Founders Lab

Build a Startup from the Ground Up

Build a startup from the ground up. Get the exposure and experience to building the next big thing.

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Founders Lab Venture Studio

Side project Accelerator

The venture studio is designed for those weekend projects to work with the community and launch. Our mantra is to build an audience first before building products. We experiment with new ideas and businesses models.

Massive Community to Back it Up

Launching a startup takes a community. Without a community is hard to grow the user base and build products that people want.

FoundersLab Venture Studio Team

Our Ventures

FoundersPress is a media platform dedicated to covering entrepreneur and founder stories. There are many untold stories that doesn’t get covered by the tradtional media outlet. A better press is here for founders.


CofoundersBeta is an online directory to discover the top Startup Accelerators, Incubators, Meetups, and Conferences.

HouseKyo is a real estate forum to discover the best tips and tactics to buy your dream home.

How it Works?

Our lab is dedicated for our members. You can become a member to bring your own project to utilize our network and community to succeed. If you want to join a team the projects are assigned according to interests and skill sets. These are great for side-projects to learn a new skill, break into a field or grow your network. Apply to join here and our team member will set-up a time to have a call with you.

  1. Apply and become a Member to join as a Lab Resident

    Once you become a member our team member set-ups a time to onboard you to the community.

  2. Get onboard with our community

    You get on-boarded to the studio community to start connecting with members.

  3. Join a project or work on your own project

    Our team members helps you get connected and start working on a project.

Founders Lab