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The only sales generation course that will give you the tools to build a client acquisition machine and close well-funded Startup clients at scale.

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About the Instructor

Olu Adedeji is Founder & CEO at Prelo with over 10+ years in sales and business development for early-stage companies and scaleups. Prelo is the platform to discover recently funded startup, do outreach, and generates sales leads.

Crash Course on Getting Started with Sales
Who is this course?

For those that are looking to grow their website their lead generation and sales.

Target vetted prospects with irresistible offers, connect with them and book sales meetings on demand. 🔔

In this crash course, Olu the founder of Prelo, shares startup secrets, prospecting tools and social selling strategies that will transform your business and consistently generate $10k – $20k every month on autopilot. Find out:

How to create irresistible offers for Startups
How to target recently funded Startups at scale
How to use social selling techniques to get 20 meetings a month!

Does this Sound Familiar?

1️⃣Your Prospects Can’t Afford Your Prices
You seem to always attract “Penny Pinchers”.

2️⃣You’re Struggling to Cut Through the Noise
Your industry is saturated, making it harder to stand out. .

3️⃣You Settle for just Any Client to Pay the Bills
You say yes to every request to keep the business afloat.

4️⃣You are looking for New Industries to Explore
Perhaps business is going well and you want to expand.

Say no more as we go from that to scale! 🚀

Practical Tips

Tips to grow your website traffic and sales.

Video Format

Get the download notes via pdf.

Startup Focused

Designed for startups and scale ups in mind.

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