CoFounder Quest. Finding a CoFounder and Building a dream team

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About the Instructor

Eric Rafat is a passionate founder with wealth of expertise in startups, building high-performing teams, and product development. He is a top ranked tennis player and always up for a conversation about startups.

Crash Course on finding a cofounder
Who is this course?

For those that are looking to find a cofounder and build a stellar team.

Specific Goals of the Course:

Grow your website 🙌
How SEO works and why you should start early 🔥
Thinking about mobile SEO and it affects your site ranking
On-site and off-site web SEO elements to increase traffic


Lesson 1: Why have a cofounder?
Lesson 2: Traction! Traction! Traction! How to build it before even looking?
Lesson 3: Landing page and Mock up
Lesson 4: Write compelling cofounder description that works
Lesson 5: Marketing hacks and tactics for recruiting
Lesson 6: Tips for non-technical founders
Lesson 7: Tips for technical founders
Lesson 8: Interview and candidate selection
Lesson 9: Startup Team Formula
Lesson 10: Startup Golden rules: how to keep the startup floating? How to avoid the Zombie startup syndrome?

Chapter Preview

Lesson 1: Why have a cofounder?

Starting a business all by yourself is a huge challenge. We know successful startups tend to have great cofounders. But why bring on a cofounder in the first place? The main reasons for having a cofounder as follows:

It’s filling a skills gap
It’s moral support – you have someone to talk on the other side of the table
Bounce ideas off – this is great for brainstorming and testing new ideas
Startup is more attractive for investment – it’s all about the team

If you are a non-technical cofounder think about matching up with a potential technical cofounder. If you’re a technical founder, think about matching up with a non-technical co-founder. Someone who can manage the marketing and business side. The key to having a successful co-founder is complementary skill sets. Bringing on a co-founder with the same skill sets will result in skill duplication.

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