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Find a Dream Co-founder

This course covers all the tips and hacks on finding that co-founder for your startup.

Crash Course on Finding a Dream Co-founder & Building a Stellar Team 

Meet the Instructor

Hey there! I’m Eric. After interviewing over 100+ founders and companies and spending 8+ years in the startup space, I’m thrilled to bring you this course that tackles the job search. You can connect with me on Linkedin.

Who is this course? 

For those that are looking start a startup. Whether you’re at idea, MVP or traction stage this course will help you recruit stellar talent. It covers everything from job description, advertising, and interviewing to find that perfect co-founder.

Specific Goals of the Course:

Start the recruiting process for finding that co-founder 🙌
Tactics on recruiting for an early-stage startups 🔥
Tips on getting traction and getting people excited 😮
Avoiding the startup team pitfalls

Lesson 1: Why have a cofounder?
Lesson 2: Traction! Traction! Traction!
Lesson 3: Landing page and Mock up
Lesson4: Compelling cofounder description that works
Lesson5: Marketing hacks and tactics for recruiting
Lesson 6: Tips for non-technical founders
Lesson 7: Tips for technical founders
Lesson 8: Interview and candidate selection
Lesson 9: Startup Team Formula
Lesson 10: How to avoid the Zombie startup syndrome?

Chapter Preview

Lesson 2: Traction!

Once you know you need a co-founder let’s figure out some things before bringing on someone onboard. These include:
– Know your business idea: this means having done the market research and knowing what’s out there
– Know your value prop: what makes this business different?
– Come up with monetization strategy and models: at some point monetization has to kick in at some point or it’s dead-end.
– Figure out the equity portion: how much equity are you willing to give? The more up front about what the role is and what is not it’s better for the potential co-founder
– Come up with a landing page: this means start building up your subscribers prior to launch.

Which is essentially more attractive to you?
Scenario A: “Hey, I’m working on this idea with 1,000 subscribers and a pre-launch site. Want to help me build it?”
Scenario B: “Hey, I’m working on this amazing business idea.”

But remember, your traction speaks louder than words. 

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About the Instructor

Eric Rafat is a passionate founder with wealth of expertise in startups, building high-performing teams, and product development. He is a top ranked tennis player and always up for a conversation about startups. Connect with Eric here.