Top 100 Startup Accelerators, Incubators, and Programs in Canada

Startup accelerators and incubators list canada

Canada has incredible potential for innovation, yet it remains largely untapped. Navigating the ecosystem can be a challenge for entrepreneurs in Canada, especially when it comes to fundraising. Early access to capital and a supportive culture can significantly aid in transforming more startups into scale-ups and tech giants.

After months of development, we are delighted to unveil the Top 100 Accelerators, Incubators, and Programs for entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators in Canada. This comprehensive list aims to facilitate and guide those navigating the entrepreneurial landscape in the country.

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Ranking Startup Program
1 Google for Startups Canada
2 University of Waterloo Velocity Incubator
3 University of Toronto Entrepreneurship
4 Next Canada
5 Communitech
6 Y Space
7 Innovation Factory
8 Venture for Canada
9 Launch Academy
10 Highline Beta
11 Creative Destruction Lab
12 DMZ Tech Incubator
13 Alberta Accelerator 500 Global
14 Founder Fuel
15 Dobson McGill University
16 Accelerator Center
17 L-spark
18 Intuit Prosperity Accelerator
19 Forum Ventures Toronto
20 Idea Mississauga
21 EDGE Sheridan College
22 Reach Canada
23 TandemLaunch
24 Treefrog Accelerator
25 Hatchery Incubator University of Toronto
26 YEDI Incubator
27 ICUBE Incubator
28 Entrepreneurship at UBC
30 Invest Ottawa
31 Platform Calgary
32 HATCH ventures
33 Y2 Labs
34 Medical Innovation Xchange
35 VentureLAB
36 Volta
37 Centre for Entrepreneurship University of Toronto
38 MaRS Discovery District
40 Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship
41 Antler Canada
42 Co.Labs
43 Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre
44 Venture Labs
45 Lazaridis ScaleUp
46 Launch Lab
47 OneEleven
48 League of Innovators
49 Altitude Accelerator
50 The Knowelge Society
51 New Ventures BC
52 Haltech
53 Foresight Canada
54 The Hub University of Toronto
55 Seneca HELIX
56 Launch Lab
57 MTLab
58 startGBC
59 ELLA Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs
60 Health Innovation Hub @UAlberta
61 District 3 Innovation
62 Imagination Catalyst Incubator
63 Plug and Play Tech Center Toronto
64 Startup Garage
65 Western Accelerator
66 TechAlliance
67 JLABS Toronto
68 Imagination Catalyst Incubator
69 Alacrity Canada
70 Toronto Business Development Centre
71 BC Tech Association
72 Futurpreneur
73 Ontario Centre of Innovation
74 Parkdale Centre for Innovation
75 Computer Science Innovation Lab UofT
76 Laurier StartUp Lab
77 Holt Xchange
78 Biomedical Zone
79 Social Venture Zone
80 Legal Innovation Zone
81 SpinUp
82 Innovate BC
83 BC Tech Association
84 Women+ Entrepreneur Incubator Elevate
85 eHUB Entrepreneurship Centre
86 Lassonde School of Engineering BEST Program
87 Science Discovery Zone
88 Bioenterprise Canada
89 InnovED
90 The BRIDGE University of Toronto
91 Startup Garage
92 GENIAL York University
93 Transmedia Zone
94 RBC Women in Cleantech Accelerator
95 Clean Energy Zone
96 Fashion Zone
97 Digital Media and Gaming Incubator
98 Black Entrepreneurship Alliance
99 MC2 Capital
100 SpinUp
101 Centre for Integrated Transportation and Mobility
102 Synapse Consortium
103 Brampton Entrepreneur Centre
104 Innovation Hub at Carleton University
105 Brampton Venture Zone
106 Bhive
107 Halton Region Small Business Centre
108 LatAm Startups
109 Spring Activator
110 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at Algonquin College
111 Alberta Innovates
112 Laurier Women Entrepreneurship Centre
113 GreenHouse
114 The Forum
115 HATCH ventures
116 Canada's Tech Network
117 John Wood Centre for Business and Student Enterprise
118 Station FinTech Montreal Accelerator
119 Edmonton Unlimited
120 Alacrity Canada
121 Black Founders Network
122 Climate Ventures
123 ideaHUB
124 Startup Calgary
125 Ideas Inc
126 Opus University of Saskatchewan
127 Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst
128 Techstars Toronto
129 CEED
130 Le Pont Quebec
131 FoundHers
132 Le Pont Quebec
133 The Forge
134 Centech
135 LabaseHEC Montreal
136 La Piscine MTL
137 Canadian Technology Accelerators
138 Innovation Boost Zone
139 ACCEL Centennial College
140 Black Founders Network
141 Shad Canada
142 Grebel Peace Incubator
143 Toronto Business Development Centre
144 eCommerce North
145 Toronto Fashion Incubator
146 Canada's Music Incubator
147 Design Fabrication Zone
148 Full Motion Accelerator
149 Artscape Daniels Launchpad
150 LiftOff
151 C100
152 Canada-India Acceleration Program

1. Google for Startups Canada

Google is known for its innovation DNA across the globe. Google for Startups Canada delivers an accelerator for Canadian startups in a 10-week program equity-free program. This program is delivered virtually.

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2. University of Waterloo Velocity Incubator

University Waterloo is a hot spot for Canada’s top technical talent. The Velocity delivers offers numbers of programs for Uwaterloo students and alumni that are looking to build the next big thing.

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3. University of Toronto Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship at UofT has been developing a large ecosystem to support entrepreneurs from UofT. These include accelerators, incubators, and research programs to commercialize new innovations.

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4. Next Canada

Next Canada offers three programs for startups including one specifically on AI startups. Next Canada is founded by some of Canada’s top business leaders.

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5. Communitech

Communitech is Waterloo’s innovation community. The Fierce Founder program for women and female founders has had a significant traction over the years to creating women-led companies in Ontario and Canada.

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6. Y Space

Y space is one of rising accelerator programs in Canada at York University located in Markham.

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7. Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory runs number of programs for entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech leaders in city of Hamilton. Innovation Factor’s annual startup competition called LiONS LAIR is known for a spot where many startups get a head start.

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8. Venture for Canada

Venture for Canada is ideal for students and young leaders, interested in exploring about tech and startups. Venture for Canada connect top talent from universities to some of the fastest growing startups.

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9. Launch Academy

Launch is one of Vancouver’s top premier startup accelerator helping Canadian tech at every stage.

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10. Highline Beta

Highline Beta runs number of innovative startup programs and corporate innovation partnership to bring new ideas forward.

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