Founders Lab

Build Something Epic
with the Community

Side project Accelerator

This accelerator is designed for those weekend projects to work with the community and launch. Our mantra is to build an audience first before building products. We experiment with new ideas and businesses models.

Let’s build the next big thing right here.

Become a member to bring your own project or get assigned to utilize our network and community to scale.

Build with the community. Launching a startup takes a community. Without a community is hard to grow the user base and build products that people want.



Apply and become a Member to join as a Lab Resident



Get onboard with our community



Join a project or work on your own project


Ventures About URL Status Notes
FoundersPress Startup news and tech platform SCALE Looking for a tech reporter
Housing platform Student rental reimagined LIVE Looking for campus reps
CofoundersBeta Accelerator and incubator directory LIVE
CofoundersPress Startup Social News Aggregator LIVE
Your project here Your project here Your project here In progress

Like a Sandbox

Experimentation, creativity, and execution.
This is a space where ideas can be tested, refined, and developed before being brought to market. Our philosophy on startups:

Audience first before building 💡
Hyper-experiment the hell out of everything 🔥
Constantly validating everything with data🔬


What is Founders Lab? 

Founders Lab is a side project accelerator for those interested in building or joining an early-stage startup

Does it cost to participate? 

If accepted, the program fee is $360 USD for founder stream. The talent stream is $180 USD.

Do you take equity for those who have their own project? 

No, unlike other programs this is a completely non-dilutive program.

What is the time commitment?

This depends on the project whether you have your own or joining a startup. We recommend a minimum of 5 hours a week.