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Start a Startup in Waterloo
500+ Resources to get started

Looking to start a startup Waterloo? Check out these startup resources to
get started: startup funding, competitions, events and more.
You can download the list here.

Startup Competitions

Get non-dilutive funding for your startup via startup competitions. Grow here.
See here.

Startup Funding

Check out the list of funding in Toronto to get non-dilutive funding. See it here.

Students Clubs

Entrepreneurship clubs for students to get involved.
See it here.

Startup Accelerator & incubators

Check out the list of startup incubators and accelerators in Toronto here.
See here.

Venture & Angel Investors

Check out the list of venture capital and angel investor in Toronto. See it here.

Online Startup Communities

Local chapter for you to make new connections and grow. See it here.

Waterloo Meetups & Conferences

Whether you are looking for a co-founder, beta user or mentor connect with the community here. See Here.


Looking to building something? Get the full list of hackathons.
See here.

Startup Deals

List of startup deals and service providers to grow your startup. See here.

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Want all the list of resources? Download the Waterloo Startup Guide here.