The Most Complete Guide to America’s Startup Ecosystem

Startup Ecosystem USA

America is known to be the land of opportunity. There are no other country that embraces entrepreneurship like the Americans do. The level of support and scale for startups in United States is certainly not found elsewhere. If you’re a founder you have to navigate each city with its ecosystem to find out where might be the place to build and grow your business.

Each startup is unique and has its own unique challenges. Sometimes you just have to got where the opportunities are.In this post, we bring you the list of top startup resources in America

1. San Francisco

San Francisco Accelerators & Incubators – 59
San Francisco Venture Capital – 137
San Francisco Conferences – 15
San Francisco Meetups – 13
San Francisco Venture Studio – 3

San Francisco has the most number of venture capital firms and startups in the world. While the city has been grappling with housing and other issues, the scale is unmatched. There are literally thousands of companies in the Silicon Valley and surrounding areas.

2. Austin

Austin Accelerators & Incubators – 17
Austin Venture Capital – 24
Austin Conferences – 2
Austin Meetups – 4

Austin has became a startup powerhouse recently. Texas in general has no state tax and a low sales tax, which is more favourable for venture creation. Some famous companies out of Austin include WholeFoods and Dell.

3. Boston

Boston Accelerators & Incubators – 25
Boston Venture Capital – 30
Boston Conferences – 7
Boston Meetups – 14
Boston Female Founders – 3

Boston is known to the hub for biotech companies. They city’s ecosystem is well-developed to help companies scale. Some notables from Boston include Hubspot, TripAdvisor, GE, and Boston Consulting Group.

4. Miami

Miami Accelerators & Incubators – 19
Miami Venture Capital – 20
Miami Conferences – 2
Miami Meetups – 9

Miami has become a hot spot for new entrepreneurs as it has the perfect combination of weather and favourable ecosystem to start new businesses. Many founders have migrated here to start new businesses. Even the founder of Amazon is moving here believe it or not!

5. New York 

New York Accelerators & Incubators – 62
New York Venture Capital – 74
New York Conferences – 7
New York Meetups – 16

New York is the number 2 spot for most venture capital in the country. The ecosystem is equipped to help startups scale. Some famous accelerators in the city include the Entrepreneurs’ Round Table, which invests in up coming startups.

6. San Diego

San Diego Accelerators & Incubators – 8
San Diego Conferences – 4
San Diego Meetups – 4
San Diego Venture Capital – 2

San Diego is a dream place to start a startup. It has beautiful coastline and growing hub for technology and innovation.

7. Boulder

Boulder Accelerators & Incubators – 8
Boulder Conferences – 1
Boulder Meetups – 9
Boulder Venture Capital – 13

Boulder has a vibrant local startup ecosystem. One of the most notable companies would be Techstars, which is founded in Boulder in 2006

8. Denver

Denver Accelerators & Incubators – 3
Denver Conferences – 1
Denver Meetups – 5
Denver Venture Capital – 4

9. Buffalo

Buffalo Accelerators & Incubators – 7
Buffalo Venture Capital – 3
Buffalo Conferences – 1
Buffalo Meetups – 5

Buffalo’s startup ecosystem is small but mighty. The city attracts the top startups in the country via 43 North competition. The 43North invests $5M in annual investment in the startups.

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