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Top 100 Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022

Jon Christensen is the CEO of Bidmii. We are beyond excited to announce the top 100 Tech Companies to Watch for in 2022. This is our largest coverage of startups and tech companies. Last year, we covered 20 tech companies to watch for in 2021 and this year we are going big. There are 100+ incredible companies in this list that are disrupting new markets and making waves. Behind these companies are the incredible founders and team that work to bring these new ideas forward. Check out each company as there are some incredible opportunities to partner, get hired, and more. Thank you note to Headway our Official Sponsor: Headway.io. This coverage would have not been possible without their support.  106. Shomigo 105. MangoVisa 104. Javelin 103. YourTable 102. Optimyzed Brain 101. Crewbite 100. Beeznests 99. Ora-3D 98. Fundmore 97. Look-see 96. Brightly...

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