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Startup Pitch Deck is incredibly important for fundraising. Learn the ins and outs with Kushi Kaur.

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Startup Pitch Deck Course
Kushi Kaur Instructor

About the Instructor

Kushi Kaur is a distinguished entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder of tech startups MangoVisa and Sealoku. Honored as the Enterprising Female Founder Award winner by the University of Toronto Mississauga in 2020, and recipient of the Philanthropitch 1st Prize, Kushi’s accolades speak to her expertise. Recognized among Communitech’s Top 24 female-led tech companies, she brings her award-winning insights to her pitch deck workbook. Her proven strategies have led startups to success, making her guidance invaluable for those seeking to make a compelling impact with their pitches.

Crash Course on Getting Started with Stellar Startup Pitch Deck

Mastering the Seed Round: A Result-Oriented Pitch Deck Course for Startups

Welcome to the “Mastering the Seed Round” course! This comprehensive and interactive program is designed to guide startup founders through the process of creating a compelling pitch deck that will effectively raise funds from investors for seed round. Investment success lies at the intersection of compelling storytelling, data-driven validation, and captivating design. Join us on this transformative journey of crafting your modern-day investment pitch deck, where your startup’s potential will ignite the spark that secures the future you envision. Get ready to captivate investors, accelerate growth, and unlock the funding your startup deserves.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Fundraising and Pitch Decks
– Understanding the fundraising landscape
– Importance of a compelling pitch deck
– Key components of a successful pitch deck
– Setting goals and objectives for your fundraising campaign

Module 2: Crafting Your Story and Value Proposition
– Identifying your target audience
– Defining your unique value proposition (UVP)
– Structuring a compelling narrative
– Creating a memorable elevator pitch

Module 3: Presenting Your Team and Expertise
– Highlighting the strengths of your team
– Demonstrating relevant expertise and experience
– Establishing credibility and trustworthiness
– Showcasing advisory board and mentors (if applicable)

Module 4: Market Analysis and Opportunity
– Conducting market research and analysis
– Identifying target market segments and size
– Assessing competition and differentiating factors
– Presenting growth potential and market opportunity

Module 5: Product/Service Overview and Roadmap
– Clearly defining your product/service offering
– Explaining key features and benefits
– Outlining your product/service roadmap
– Demonstrating traction and milestones achieved

Module 6: Financial Projections and Investment Opportunity
– Creating realistic financial projections
– Highlighting revenue streams and pricing strategy
– Illustrating profitability and scalability
– Describing the investment opportunity and use of funds

Module 7: Designing an Engaging Pitch Deck
– Choosing the right visual elements and templates
– Creating a consistent and visually appealing layout
– Incorporating charts, graphs, and infographics
– Enhancing readability and flow of the pitch deck

Module 8: Pitching and Presentation Skills
– Developing effective presentation skills
– Practicing and refining your pitch delivery
– Handling Q&A sessions and objections
– Incorporating storytelling techniques

Module 9: Iterative Refinement and Feedback
– Gathering feedback from mentors and advisors
– Conducting mock pitches and soliciting feedback
– Iteratively refining and improving your pitch deck
– Incorporating feedback for maximum impact

Module 10: Building Relationships and Nurturing Investors
– Identifying potential investors and networks
– Cultivating relationships with family and friends
– Nurturing investor relationships for long-term support
– Managing investor expectations and communication

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