Startup marketing is one of the biggest challenge founders face early on. It’s alway a good strategy to start building up your audience well before your product launch. Yes you heard that right! Before not after your product launch.

1. Start firing up your marketing early on. 

Many startups go out there without actually building the audience.

2. Build your set of tools. 

Whether it’s social media scheduling or CRM get the tools to start growing your startup.

3. It’s the game of content but quality content. 

Quality content wins every single time. Make your project stand out with quality content.

4. Side-project marketing wins. 

Side-project marketing is when you building something to deliver value but bring it back to your main product. There so many examples of this in startups but the best one is Unsplash. This came out from Crew when they needed to drive traffic but had no budget whatsoever so start sharing the photos they didn’t want.

5. Go outbound when you need that extra push. 

Going outbound sometimes it’s necessary as you get that extra push for website traffic. Consider where your audience hangout and spend some advertising dollar there.

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