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SEO is one of the best channels for startups to grow organically.


SEO Startup Course
Eric Rafat

About the Instructor

Eric Rafat is a passionate founder with wealth of expertise in startups, building high-performing teams, and product development. He is a top ranked tennis player and always up for a conversation about startups. 

Crash Course on Getting Started with SEO 

Who is this course? 

For those that are looking to grow their website traffic, leads, and sales. It covers all the fundamentals of SEO along with action items to grow your website organically.

Specific Goals of the Course:

Grow your website  🙌
How SEO works and why you should start early 🔥
Thinking about mobile SEO and it affects your site ranking 
On-site and off-site web SEO elements to increase traffic 

Lesson 1: Who am I marketing this thing?
Lesson 2: What the heck is SEO anyway?
Lesson 3: Hey Google! How exactly do you work?
Lesson 4: The Master Plan on Keywords
Lesson 6: Strategize or play blind
Lesson 5: Put the Mona Lisa out!
Lesson 7: Link Building
Lesson 8: Social media and SEO
Lesson 9: Mobile Search
Lesson 10: Actionable Items for your website

Chapter Preview

Lesson 1: Who am I marketing this thing?

Finding customer is the whole essence of building a startup.  But before finding customers you have the ask yourself who exactly is your audience?
Know the audience first before you think about SEO. The more you know about your audience the better you can position your product or services. Here are some questions to figure out:
Who are they?
Where do they hangout?
What do they search for?
What are they talking about?

You have to think the way a prospect thinks about your product or service. Some tools that can help to get more insights about your audience would be: Go to web analytics to get the information on your audience. This is usually google analytics or other tools you have on your website. It gives you more in depth insights on visitors demographics.

Check out social streams as such as Twitter. What do people tweet about?

You can look into Google Trends to figure out interests
Answer Engines such as Quora to see what people are asking and seeking
Check out niche forums to see what are people asking and what problems they are facing (e.g. Reddit) Make a buyer’s persona

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