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foundersbeta Staff asked 4 years ago

With an annual commitment of $100,000 from York Region over the next five years, the York Region Innovation Fund will support the development of the innovation network in York Region by assisting promising community partners, small businesses, and more. The Innovation Fund has been split up in order to allocate resources across all sectors, not just tech!

The two funding streams are:

Stream 1: Community Partners
Do you have exciting new community initiatives on the horizon? Stream 1 provides qualified community partners with up to $10,000 in funding for activities or initiatives that promote, support, or enhance entrepreneurship or innovation in York Region.

Stream 2: Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Are you looking for funding? Stream 2 provides qualified small businesses or entrepreneurs up to $15,000 for activities or initiatives related to key business or market development projects in all sectors.

Interested? Applications are open until December 15!

Apply here.